Airbnb assigned in justice for the hotels for “déloyale concurrence”

The main organization of the hotel-restaurant sector in France assigned Airbnb in front of the Paris commerce court for "flight attendance", estimating that the tourist location platform "violes sciemment" réglementation qui régit are activite.

Dans une assignation consultée per l'AFP, the company Airbnb Ireland dont le séège est à Dublin is accused of laisser en ligne des annonces litigieuses. A premiere audience devoted to the process will be held on 14 February 2019.

Ces annonces has lost the legal life of 120 days per year, not making the object of a decline of tourism or even "violent Rights of the owners, those who are victims of abusive sous-locations," it is worth the 'Union des métiers et des industries de l'hôtelerie (Umih).

He asks for a symbolic title, in "reparation of the moral prejudice", a condemnation of 143 euros that corresponds to the price of the night funded for a Parisian holiday who owned a sous-loué are a logement without the owner's agreement. The Court of Instance of the 6th arrondissement of Paris condemned the commissioning of the property to a value of 8,000 euros, on February 6 2018.

Elle also awarded 50,000 euros to the title of the remembrance of lawyers.

Selon the organization, "the non-respect of the regimentation by the company Airbnb is parfaitement assumed" in the measure où "sur are site, he explicitly recalls" to désactiver les annonces à Paris, au-de-120 annuals, which in the four arrondissements du center.

Ces violations of the previous regulation of the Code du tourisme et le Code de la construction et de l'habitation, constituting "necessarily from acts of concurrence of the law," argues Umih dans are assignation.

– Offered estimated at 6.5 millions of euros –

Umih accused the platform of "illicitly necessary pharaonic killings", resuming from "non-demented estimates" who made € 6.5million of euros to offer the proposed tourist lodging in France by Airbnb in 2016.

"Starting from the postulate that the company Airbnb proposes to the location 1% of illegal offers, I would give it a total for the profession (hotels) quantified in thousands of euros uniquement in an annual", made the organization.

"As a syndicate, the Umih does not have the opportunity to obtain reparation in place of your membership, but il peut faire reconnaître the devil contest. If you are new to me, the integrity of your members will be taken individually to a reparation ", accurate to AFP Me Jonathan Bellaïche, Umih's lawyer.

Pour Airbnb, "the lobbyists are continuing to protect their interests and attempt to restore the Rights of the French as beneficiaries of tourism", they are one-sided.

The platform is not surprised by this new tentative lobby of the French lobbyists, who are nowadays a series of actions in justice – touts unfruitful, "said the AFP.

In late October, a locaire who owned a sous-loué apartment in Paris on the Airbnb without the agreement of the owner to all of them was condemned to reverse the latter's totality from 46,000 euros that had periods of 2011 to 2018 and to be expelled

For a year, the platform was also condemned as if a locator had sous-loué are appartement via the auction of the legal drive of 120 days per year.

In June, the tourist location platforms were staggered "volontably" at a limit of 120 days for the location of major residences, by the end of the year there was an automatic blockage that came out in all directions mandatory on 1 January 2019.

Dans Paris intra-muros, Airbnb proposes about 65,000 properties, do not make 38%, they are 25,000, with the object of recording on November 5th, accurate to the AFP, the Ville de Paris, which offers the hotel's offer This is 80,000 rooms in the capital.

At the bottom of the France entière, a demi-million properties, not 10% in a rural area, the source of an item on the platform.

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