Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the youngest woman to reach the House of Representatives

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made history in Tuesday's election by defeating Republican candidate Anthony Pappas for the 14th District of the New York Congress. The 29-year-old democrat is the youngest woman who will take a seat at the Congress. He was born in the Bronx from two parents of the working class: his mother was born in Puerto Rico and his father owned a small business in the south of the Bronx. His experience is in the education and organization of the community and he worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. "It was not in the plans". Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had nothing to do with politics, at least not partisan politics. She was a young activist who promoted the causes of the community and that she volunteered for campaigns. He adjusted to the "normal citizen" profile he promoted in his campaign, Ocasio-Cortez is paying the student's debt for the economy and international relations career that he studied at the University from Boston. His family suffered the mortgage debt problem that affected millions of Americans during the 2008 financial crisis and had to work as a waitress to help with family income, which was affected by the death of his father that same year. of the legal labyrinth they had to pass to solve inheritance issues, finally, in 2012 they managed to pay off the debts and escape from the threat of eviction. "Even politics was not in the plans," says this 28-year-old in his promotional video, which never held public office and is defined as "niuyorrican", the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and that her father was born in the Bronx. 18 to 1 It's not that the girl had no instinct or political concern. In his student years he worked at the office of the iconic Democrat senator Ted Kennedy who helped in immigration matters. In 2016 he was part of the volunteer service that helped Senator Vermont Bernie Sanders in his attempt to win the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 elections. The moment of transformation for her was the protest in the Indian reservation of Standing Rock in South Dakota. against the construction of a pipeline that crossed territories considered sacred by the local tribes and that, despite the order to deepen the environmental studies that Obama ordered, received the green light of newly invested President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived at the White House. After participating in this rally with indigenous leaders, Ocasio-Cortez was contacted by Brand New Congress (Renewed Congress). For his work with Sanders, and with the remembrance of Barack Obama's experience in 2008, the candidate opted for a campaign that did not depend on political committees or large donors, but driven by direct communication with the components of and basic work. According to the data of its campaign, 70% of its funds came from contributions of less than 200 dollars. But money does not seem to be fundamental to its success, judging by the fact that Crowley raised about 18 times more than his opponent. What do you propose? Politically, Ocasio-Cortez is defined as a socialist, in a line similar to that promoted by Sanders in 2016. A member of the Democratic Socialists of the U.S. UU., A political organization of the left that is usually associated with the Democratic Party and other groups to promote liberal policies. In its electoral offer, Ocasio-Cortez proposes issues that are the basis of American socialists, such as universal public health, free education and protection of labor rights. In addition, it proposes the elimination of the ICE, the Customs and Immigration Agency, which considers a legacy of the beginnings of the so-called "war on terrorism" that was established after the attacks of September 2001 and the controversial Patriot law, with which many citizen rights were reduced because of national security. Alexandria Oc asio-Cortez: the "Niuoran" who won the establishment of the Democratic Party in New York (photos) Gallery Load

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