America issues the first verdict on Trump

The rain on Tuesday breathed to the voters of New York. Robert Ferrara, who came out with an umbrella at the voting center at the Charles Vallone school in the Astoria district, was convinced that the midterm elections would be a trial in the presidency of Donald Trump. "This year is special because I think many people want a Congress that the president controls," he said. For this 30-year-old, in the elections were in play "the moral of the country" and "what the US is like a nation."

The Americans chose their representatives in the legislative chambers, governors and other public offices. The polls, at the end of this edition, augur a divided legislator, with a democratic victory in the lower house and a republican in the Senate.

Democrats expected a blue wave across the country to stop the Trump agenda thanks to the push of voting women – since 60% prefer their candidates, according to polls. Women like Isabel, a teacher who voted at Astoria's election desk to show their anger with the American president and the current political situation. "It's very sad what's happening. Trump is shameful, I did not even hear. I think it's not a good example for our children and young people," he said with visible dislike. Isabel also censors the education and immigration policies of the Republicans.

Trump hyperactivity

Trump became very active in the campaign and, although he did not appear in any role, he became the messenger of the Republican candidates and decided to regain the electoral strategy that led him to the White House. Thus, in his meetings he frightened immigrants once again because he believes that it is the best way to mobilize their voters.

Tuesday's participation was higher than in 2014 and was even expected to be the highest since the late 60's. "Many of my friends usually do not vote because they believe it is not necessary, since Democrats tend to win in New York," he said. Ferrara explained. But some did this year to send a message to Trump. "In addition, the candidate to represent his district in the House of Representatives encouraged young people. A part of Astoria, known because it houses the largest Greek community outside of Greece, is within its limits.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was the surprise in the primary democrats. This waiter born in the Bronx from the Puerto Rican parents and volunteers in the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, won the veteran politician and Democratic leader Joseph Crowley. He immediately became a political star. It represents the progressive wing of the party and, in fact, like Sanders, is called Social Democrat.

"For many socialism is a bad thing. But there are more and more people who do not see it as well," said Ferrara, who is in favor of a strong government that helps all citizens. "I like Ocasio-Cortez because I think it represents the best diversity of our neighborhood and what we think," he explained.

George Alexiou, who went to vote with his wife, believes that there are "too many followers of politics." "I voted for the Republican candidate: I do not agree with Ocasio-Cortez, I think he is a Communist," he said. This Greek immigrant, who lived more than 40 years in the United States, voted for Trump. "I do not totally agree with what the president does, I do not like some of his tweets, but I'm happy with his policies."

His wife admits that Hillary Clinton was voting in the 2016 presidential election. "The problem is that there are no moderate politicians," he lamented. "And the politicians of both sides do not know how to speak," added her husband.

Two Americas

Andrew Hamelin believes that the results of yesterday will again show two Americas: one of urban and diverse and one of country and white. "On the west coast and on the east coast people are more progressive and diverse. We are not afraid of demographic changes because we see that diversity is positive," said Hamelin to explain why some states are more conservative than others. This young man, who works in a real estate company, explained that the presidency of Trump has led many people to see that they have to get involved in politics and vote for "maintaining American values ​​and rights." Regardless of the results, the United States will continue to be divided and its parties will begin to rethink against the presidential elections of 2020.

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