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Rana Salah Eddin – Cairo – Hoyada Abusemak Egyptian artist Engi was presented for a new shoot session and published several photos through his personal account at the "Instagram" site. The images were taken by Muhannad Kojak and Angie appeared as a surprising champion, wearing a bright silver dress that brought her to the princesses and attracted attention through a hood. The Egyptian artist chose a silent make-up that was enhanced by softness and softness, and she seemed very elegant, while drawing attention through a naked back and a dress that revealed her strength.

The audience of Angie showed off, although some considered her very bold, but the artist received a lot of comments about the images. He was the first presenter of his life, where he presented the program "Peace and the Serpent" on the Orbit network, and later presented the comedy "Ahmad Etogof Mona". His most important works include: "Critical Moments, Fear Doors, Talt Party, Sherbat Light, Black Box, Saraya Abdeen, The Man of the Raven". Inji was the last of his series of dramas "Nights of Ogini", which It was shown in 2018 in the month of Ramadan starring Amina Khalil and Dhafer Abdeen, and participated in the 2017 series "Do not turn off the sun, 30 days."

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