Brazil: Bolsonaro invokes God and the Constitution in Parliament

True to his style that seduced millions of believers in the evangelical churches, Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro repeated several times to God in a speech in Parliament in Brasilia on Tuesday and pledged to respect the Constitution.

"I believe in God, I believe in our people and our potential," said the former parachutist of the army in a solemn ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Brazilian Constitution, drafted after the military dictatorship (1964- 1985).

"Together, the executive, the judiciary and the legislature, we must defend the Constitution. It is the responsibility of us all," he said shaking the yellow and green book that contained the 1988 text.

This speech, which was not foreseen by the protocol, lasted less than two minutes.

The ceremony took place in the chamber of the House of Representatives, where Mr. Bolsonaro has been sitting since 1991, in the presence of the parliamentarians of the two houses, the current President Michel Temer and the president of the Supreme Court Dias Toffoli.

Considered by detractors as a threat to democracy because of nostalgia for the military dictatorship, the extreme right-wing president has already promised during the campaign the "slave of the Constitution."

Jair Bolsonaro, 63, arrived in Brasilia in the morning, on his first trip from the second round on October 28, with 55 percent of the votes.

From his election, he remained mostly confined to his home in Rio de Janeiro due to his health weakened by the sting that almost cost him life on September 6.

"I ask God to clarify us, thank you for saving my life," he said in the speech of Parliament.

– "Changing the destiny" of Brazil –

Smiling, wearing a tie and gray navy, sang the national anthem with his hand in the heart at the opening of the ceremony.

"Together, we will continue building Brazil that our people deserve. (…) We can change the destiny of our nation," he continued.

In conclusion, the President-elect quoted the motto of his campaign "Brazil above all and God above all else."

The other superior figures of the State present in the Chamber recalled in their speeches the importance of respect for democratic values.

"It is not enough to evoke the Constitution with a contemplative attitude, it must be protected," said Raquel Dodge, general lawyer.

In Brasilia, Jair Bolsonaro must prepare with his team the transition before his inauguration, which will take place on January 1.

Its transition team has 27 members, including seven military and no women.

On Tuesday afternoon, the elected president met with the current defense and finance ministers.

Every time he left the ministries, Jair Bolsonaro was kind enough to question the dozens of journalists who followed him, showing himself more calm than usual.

In particular, he reaffirmed his desire to see the pension reform required by the markets approved by Parliament this year, even before he came to power.

On Wednesday, Jair Bolsonaro meets Michel Temer, president of the center of law that will leave the government with record unpopularity.

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