Follow the fight of Luis Suárez to move away the house of Europe

Under the incessant rain last night in San Siro, a stadium that hangs the skin when Inter Milan plays to be called Giuseppe Meazza, Luís Suárez followed with another humane dust in Europe far from the Camp Nou. The Uruguayan is the current UEFA Champions League with nine goals, but in Europe, their work is often not rewarded with goals. His final European goal at home was on September 16, 2015, more than three years ago, at the Olympic Games in Rome. Count of parties also in Barcelona, ​​the Uruguayan only raised their weapons to celebrate a goal twice in the last 18 Champions League games, the latter, also against the Roma, at the Camp Nou on April 4 this year.

Yesterday, with his shirt trapped in the body, both in the rain and in the sweat, Suarez was made to run, work, press, offer, invent occasions and leave until the last sigh on the grass to finish with his hands resting on his knees and the baf leaving him in his mouth . An image that reflected the work of an untiring attacker who, at age 31, naturally acknowledges that the club thinks about being relieved, but still responds to criticisms, often with goals and always with work. A fighter, though sometimes wrong. A soccer player who triumphed in this sport for a love story: when he was just a teenager, he promised that he is now the mother of his children, Sofia Balbi, who would succeed in being able to play in Europe and meet her, who had left Uruguay to go to Barcelona for family reasons.

For a soccer player like Suárez, each game is a fight. Yesterday, against the Inter, the game started with the same voracity that the last games have been playing since Messi's friend was injured against Sevilla. In the first 20 minutes, the Uruguayan finished three times and offered a great game back to help lower the ball and watch his teammates yesterday on the offensive trident chosen by Ernesto Valverde: a volunteer and more coral Dembélé that on other occasions and a coutinho more liberated than against Rayo Vallecano and with desire to be decisive. With good assistants on each side of the attack and with Busquets, Rakitic and Arthur rotating the machine room without losing almost any ball, only the lack of success in the final avoided that Barça finished the first part commanding the scoreboard. In the first 45 minutes, after a great first part of Barça, Suárez was the most productive striker with a total of six finishes, one of which among the three clubs. The meeting ended with a total of nine finishes.

In the second half, Inter took a step forward and played Barca with a duel that finished 1-1. Suarez could not beat his fight yesterday: his goal in Europe, far from the Camp Nou, should continue waiting.

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