Inferno, which reached “Monaco” and Golovin. Terror continues

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Inferno, which reached "Monaco" and Golovin. Terror continues
The club falls on all fronts. And they are not only the poor sports results.

November 7, 2018 3:54 PM


More recently, we perceive Monaco as a prosperous club with competent leadership, a strong coach, new progressive players, a brilliant philosophy and a bright future. With peace of mind, we accompany our most talented soccer player to the principality and for sure it was an excellent option for him to climb. But a few months have passed, and I want to yell out loud: "From there you run, Sasha! Run!"
Once again, remember all the circles of hell, through which passed the "Monaco" in the current season.
15 matches without a win in all tournaments
In the new season, the Monegasques reached the backdrop of a steep defeat against the PSG in the encounter of the French Super Cup – 0-4, and this failure was as an omen of a bleak future. Suppose that in the first round Monaco won against Nantes (3: 1), but that victory, dated August 11, remains the only championship in the Champions League. Since then, five ties and 10 losses in two tournaments with a total goal difference of 11-27.

Golovin is wrong without CSKA. "Monaco" in the background
Monegasques does not keep until a judicial error in its favor.
19th place in the championship
Of course, with such deplorable results, one can only speak of the struggle for survival. The headlines: "So you can fly!" In the first place, they have been perceived in the media as hyperbolic literary techniques to make the materials more expressive, but now they fully reflect the essence of what is happening. "Monaco" with seven points on the 19th, the penultimate place. The following neighbors – "Gengam" – the same, but worse goal difference.
Last place in the Champions League
From the fight for the playoffs, Monaco left after the first two rounds. But there was hope at least for the spring stage of the Europa League, because competitors are not the most formidable of Bruges. But first, the Golovina team played 1: 1 away, and yesterday managed to burn 0: 4 at home. With one point, she is now deep down, and getting out of there is almost impossible.
Dismiss the coach
"Monaco" collapsed, but it seemed that leadership would not make any sharp moves and would keep coach coach Leonard Jardim, who had done a lot of good things for the club. Unfortunately On October 11, the Portuguese were fired. It is unlikely that specifically for Golovin this is a very bad event. Yes, Zhardim believed in him and was interested in the transfer, but Alexander's level should allow him to play with any coach. Another thing is that Thierry Henry's legend does not work better, three defeats and two draws in five games. I wonder how long it will last.

Monaco refused the coach, who invited Golovin. But he is not a coach
Zhardim failed. No one could handle this situation.
11 wounded
Maybe someone does not know it, but Monaco has one of the strongest teams in the French Championship. It is the third party in terms of cost (296 million euros) according to the transfermarkt portal after PSG (867.7) and Lyon (373.4). But all this is virtuality. The reality is that the club of the principality suffers from injuries throughout the season. This also applies to Golovin, who lost the beginning of the championship due to the damage of the ankle for the first time and now he retired for two weeks due to problems in the ankle. Monaco could not count on Sidibe's main defender on several occasions (he returned more closely to September), Roni Lopesha (on the contrary, left in September and still does not play), Jovetich (lost all September, recovered, but again abandoned the game of house with Brugge). On Tuesday, the main center defender, Glick, also left, and in the hospital today there are 11 (!) People: Subashich, Traore, Raji, Golovin, Roni Lopes, Pellegri, Doram, Aolu, Goebbels, Glick.

Thierry Henry is the new coach in Monaco. Now Golovin will work with him.
The French did not start from the bottom.
Possible problems with financial fair-play
On Monday, foreign publications related to Football Leaks reported that the owner of Monaco Dmitry Rybolovlev invested large sums in the club, ignoring the fair game financial rules introduced by UEFA. According to the source, for that purpose, a contract with a marketing agency was signed, whose chief had promised to Monaco a total payment of 1,400 million euros in 10 years. At the same time, Rybolovlev had to engage in offshore companies in Hong Kong and the Virgin Islands, and the terms of the agreement with the company have been hidden from UEFA to avoid accusations of violating the financial rules.
The club denied the charges through the official website and UEFA has not yet commented on the information. But it is possible that the story continues.
Rybolovlev – under custody
On Tuesday morning, on the day of the match with Brugge, the owner of Monaco was placed in custody. The arrest is related to a judicial investigation against him on charges of corruption and traffic of influence. The lawyers of the employer demanded to observe the presumption of innocence of their client. Read more about this story here.

The Russian owner of Monaco is detained before the Champions League game. What for?
In the game itself, Golovin did not play due to injuries, while Monaco lost to Brugge at home 0-4.
On ahead: a match with PSG
On Sunday, the Monegasques will meet with the leader of the French Championship, who scored 12 wins in 12 rounds, scored 41 goals and only lost seven. There is a suspicion that this game will be for Monaco, drained of blood and with a broken psyche, the next round of hell. But Golovin, fortunately or unfortunately, will not play against the Paris superclub.

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