LIV Capital will inject more capital for the Biva

The Stock Exchange (Biva) will receive a new injection of capital for 350 million pesos from its LIV Capital partner, a private equity fund.

These resources will be used to strengthen the new stock exchange financially, which began operating on July 23 in Mexico, reported the Central de Corretas (Cencor), which controls Biva.

Although the transaction expects to be authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, LIV said that investment is based on confidence in the prospects of growth of the new stock exchange.

"This investment reaffirms the trust of LIV Capital in Cencor and Biva, and the increase in our participation responds to the objective of being associated only with first-rate and highly profitable projects," added the private equity fund dedicated to investing in high-growth companies. in Mexico and Latin America.

Once the capital injection is approved, LIV will complete an investment of 1,000 million pesos at the Brokerage Center.

In 2016, the private equity fund agreed to a first investment of 450 million pesos to start the Biva project; In February of this year he allocated another 200 million to increase his participation to a total of 650 million pesos.

Only debt, not actions
Three months after the Institutional Stock exchanges the change, he made the first lists in the debt and capital market, through the placement of two Capital Development Certificates and corporate debt in the short and long term.

However, the expectation continues to see the first listed company in the stock market.

Biva came to the premise that the Mexican stock exchange grew, attracting about 50 companies in a period of three years.

The general director of the stock market, María Ariza, said Monday that there will be other debt problems in the rest of this year and hopes that in 2019 the conditions will be even more favorable to announce new announcements.

Santiago Urquiza, president of Cencor, said that during the first quarter of Biva's operations, "the balance is positive" and continues in its work to be more inclusive and offer competitive services and products in the stock market.

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