Mario Segale, the businessman who inspired the name of Mario Bros, died

Mario Segale died at age 84. This is the entrepreneur who inspired Nintendo to name his most popular character of all time, Mario Bros. Death occurred on October 27, 2018 in the city of Tukwila, Washington. Originally there was not much noise on the event, until the publication of its obituary, launched by Kotaku, became known.

— Relationship with Nintendo — In the 1980s, Segale, who was dedicated to real estate, leased one of its stores to the rising Nintendo of America. That was the moment when Donkey Kong was starting to disarm and where the popular plumber (1981), which was once called JumpMan, would make its appearance for the first time. Meanwhile, the president of the firm in the United States, Best Arawaka, was responsible for the change of name: the reasons were commercial. When JumpMan gained greater notoriety in the lands of Uncle Sam, it became necessary to use a more catchy name.
Thus, Arawaka decided to baptize the hero of the video game like Mario, grateful to Segale to help them settle in the country. However, the successful real estate entrepreneur never was satisfied with the idea, since he considered that it could damage his public image. Despite the fame of the character, Segale always avoided notoriety and "wanted to be known for his achievement in his life," as evidenced by his obituary, which reads as follows: "Innovations taken to the construction industry that still see each other stun its extraordinary creativity ".
DATA In 2012, Mario's franchise was valued at more than 10 billion dollars. The license has created more than 200 games of various genres, including Super Mario, Mario Sports, Mario Kart and Mario Party, who sold more than 856 million copies and made this video game franchise the highest success in sales of all the time.
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