NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope retires after 9 years of discovering planets

The Kepler space telescope has been shut down from its nine-year mission. The most recent data that Kepler has gathered revealed that between 20 and 50 percent of visible stars in the night sky probably have small planets, possibly rocky, of size similar to the Earth and located in the so-called "habitable zone." On October 30, 2018 NASA announced that Kepler had run out of fuel and would be deactivated. This has kept things for five more years, but Kepler's work is now complete. All NASA data on these planets are now available in the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. This means that they are located at a distance from the stars that orbit where liquid water, a vital ingredient for life as we know it, can accumulate on the surface of these exoplanet. To date, Kepler has discovered a total of 2,818 exoplanets and 2,679 other candidates waiting for new explorations. He has explored an area of ​​150,000 stars in the constellation Cygnus. "The Kepler mission was based on a very innovative design." The ship also got to observe objects within the solar system including Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. This will allow scientists to make new discoveries even though Kepler's mission was officially over. Thanks to Kepler, the study of exoplanets has seen a significant boost in the last decade. More critical, Kepler was an exoplanet hunter, detecting several thousand planets outside of our solar system. TESS has just begun his survey on almost all the night sky, looking for exoplanets that orbit some of the brightest and closest stars. The Kepler telescope has been running under fuel for months.
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NASA noted that the spacecraft did not threaten the Earth. To preserve high-value science data collected during its last observation campaign, the Kepler team has … The Kepler telescopic space was launched in the sky by NASA in 2009 and had to carry out a mission of almost four years. NASA's astrophysics The Explorer program selected the Exiplanet Traffic Expansion Satellite Mission (TESS) to fly in 2017. The NASA Air Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has achieved the development of Kepler's mission. "We know that the removal of the spacecraft is not the end of Kepler's discoveries," says Kepler project scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center, Jessie Dotson. The satellite was launched in April. The NASA NASA ship was silent and finished a historical mission that studied the capsules of the oldest chapter of the solar system.

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