Scott Van Pelt of ESPN: Maryland’s decision was completely uncomfortable; The school needs a full restoration

The students of the University of Maryland paused for a moment of silence during a demonstration "Justice for Jordan" on November 1. (Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

Scott Van Pelt, from ESPN, offered his toughest words still for the University of Maryland in the wake of the soccer crisis and school leadership, saying in the "SportsCenter" newspaper on Thursday night that school "demonstrated the remarkably consistent ability to do the wrong in every step, "that their leaders deployed" the tactile crisis management that is more tonal than imaginable, "and that the school now demands" a complete cultural restoration. "

Van Pelt questioned that school president Wallace D. Loh and athletic director Damon Evans could stay in their jobs, and asked the college to approach people who care about the university and can help recover from the agitation of this fall the trainer of the men of basketball Gary Williams.

"Wallace Loh admitted that the university failed Jordan McNair, which is a tragedy that can not be undone, but leadership and advice have also failed at the University of Maryland: all of us, throughout this process, often in the interests of the car – preservation, "said Van Pelt. "The university belongs many, and the process of recovering it must begin immediately. Commissions and studies are now just nonsense of queuing, and it is that type of political paralysis that presents us here, and as a tragic situation that began in late May, it still regrets in November. This place is very important for many people and I can not tell you how generations of expansion have come to me, ashamed and resounding about this whole chapter. "

The school was besieged with local and national criticisms after the Board of Regents of the Maryland University System recommends maintaining soccer coach DJ Durkin and Evans despite a scandal that broke out after the death of McNair in June, an offensive lineman of 19 years Loh fired at Durkin on Wednesday. James T. Brady, chairman of the board of regents of the system, resigned on Thursday after a protest rally by students, alumni, media and politicians.

Van Pelt, among ex-students most closely associated with the school's athletic program, avoided calls for action during the months of debate about the future of Maryland. But his comments on Thursday night questioned the continued viability of Loh and Evans as faces of Maryland sports.

"For months, with respect to the University of Maryland, which was part of my life all my life, and an ongoing process, I chose my words very carefully when I said nothing," he said. said. "That moment is at the end, because I expected them to be right. But that did not work. At every step of the way, from the moment that Jordan McNair became ill through the regent's clumsy decision, Maryland demonstrated the remarkably consistent ability to do the wrong In each step, the management of the most deaf tonal crisis that can be imagined. As the leadership or lack of it, it is difficult to understand how it can be done more completely. The scene that he played during the last 72 hours after the decision of the board of Regents to restart DJ Durkin, followed by the next day shot by President Wallace Loh, was simply a next embarrassing chapter in a seemingly endless story ".

"Commissions and investigations have been convened, during which many of the university that I loved revolved around throwing each other under the bus," continued Van Pelt. "Details have been leaked continuously to the press, all illustrating the complete systemic breakdown of leadership and trust. It seems that everyone entered the cover-your-own-ass mode and the worst kind of crab behavior in an imaginable bowl. On Thursday, James Brady, who was the chairman of the board of regents, went down, saying that his presence would be a distraction. My question has its roles in this, how can Wallace Loh and athletic director Damon Evans stay? "

Loh announced on Tuesday that he will retire at the end of the school year, when the meeting was accompanied by the coach of the university president. Turbulence continued; the chairman of the board of directors of the University of Maryland College Park said yesterday that the college fundraising campaign could have suffered a deadly blow, the students organized a campus concentration and the Higher Education Commission on Higher Education launched a U review -Md Accreditation.

Van Pelt said that the school has to resort to leaders whose loyalty is to the school more than they themselves.

"There are who can help, in any number of fronts," said Van Pelt. "People like Gary Williams. He used the uniform. He is a graduate. He is a Hall of Famers and has a passion for his unmatched university. He would be willing to help. All he would have to do is ask him. But that means that Someone from Maryland would have to ask him, is not he? And that has not happened yet, because of the complete leadership vacuum that currently exists. This is what Maryland needs now: people who love college first, not themselves. People who want to shine about what is it Great about the state e the school and say "Maryland are all behind you", and means this People who can be the helm that the university needs to move them away from this disorder. "

Van Pelt questioned the decision to restore Durkin, saying Tuesday night, "I have no idea how to assume [resume coaching]. I have no idea if he wants to. "

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