Some definitions: The Cross

According to Alur's law call dated March 24, 2014, unhealthy means of housing "Places used for housing purposes and that are not suitable for this purpose and also (Des) Homes whose condition, or the building in which they are, exposes the occupants to obvious risks that may affect their physical security or health. "

The public health code it defines how unhealthy "Any house, urbanized building or not, vacant or not, group of buildings or block constituted by itself, or by the conditions in which it is occupied or exploded, a danger for the health of the occupants or neighbors".

The code of construction and housing it is considered in danger "Buildings or buildings of any nature that threaten the ruin and which, due to their collapse, may compromise security or where, in general, they do not provide the guarantees of soundness necessary for the maintenance of public safety."

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