The communist Ischenko went to the elections for the head of Primorye by an independent candidate

On Wednesday morning, Andrei Ischenko presented documents in the election commission. On Saturday, the regional branch of the Communist Party decided not to appoint a candidate for the election of the governor of Primorye

Andrey Ischenko

(Photo: Vitaliy Ankov / RIA Novosti)

Andrei Ishchenko, who took part in the September elections of Primorye's governor as a candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, requested participation in the repeated selections of the head of the region as their own candidate. This was reported to journalists on Wednesday by the secretary of the regional electoral commission Natalia Kamaeva.

"On Wednesday morning, papers were received from Andriy Ishchenko, he goes to the polls as a self-promoted candidate," says Interfax Kamaeva.

Last Saturday, Ischenko said that the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation decided not to appoint its candidate to the new elections for the head of Primorye. The party explained this decision by refusing to recognize the cancellation of the results of the September elections and the reluctance to participate in the "farce" in the form of new elections. "The municipal filter would not be passed to our candidate. It would be offered to double and deliver everything. Therefore, it does not make sense to participate in the farce," Alexander Communist Party spokesman Alexander Yushchenko told the RBC last weekend.

The source of RBC in the headquarters of Ischenko said that the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation "merged." The RBC interlocutor in the party said that in the regional sector of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation many opposed Ischenko: it did not fulfill certain obligations for the party, during the campaign he created parallel venues.

Ishchenko, like the rest of the autorescendidos ones, will have to gather near 7 thousand signatures in its support of Primorye, as well as at least 140 companies of the deputies of the municipal bodies (municipal filter).

The repeated elections of Primorye's governor are scheduled for December 16. The results of the first, which took place in two rounds, were canceled due to violations found.

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