The counsel of the county behind drives the transport selection around … – Oxford Mail

A wider transport selection should be encouraged to reduce the isolation of some rural people in Oxfordshire, the county council agreed.

More options for people to move around must be backed up by residents, including community bus services and potentially new taxi operators, the counselors said.

A move initially presented by the conservative cabinet member Eddie Reeves and modified by Labor counselor Laura Price asks the City Council of Oxford and other district councils to work together to ensure a "diverse variety of affordable transportation options."

As part of this, the new taxi companies could be encouraged to enter the market. Commercial and community bus services could also work together to "expand the availability" of such services.

Mrs. Price said the movements would give a way to "reconnect our county."

John Howson, Democratic Liberal Counselor of St. Margaret's Ward, said living in Oxford, can use his bus pass.

But lack of bus services in rural areas meant that other residents are currently excluded.

But Mark Gray, an independent counselor and cabinet member, said that the examples of extension of the potential measures mentioned by Professor Howson are already being completed as part of the projects that the board is part of.

At first, a bus route funded by developer contributions will launch in South Oxfordshire soon, he said.

Mr. Gray said: "I think these services could be sustainable so that bus services run by big companies were not."

While Liz Leffman, a Liberal Democratic adviser, said he was generally supportive and that the council should return community groups.

She said she was "behind to get more variety in bus services."

But she told councilors that she felt that the authority should "give support, and not just tell them to continue with that."


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