The entertainer of San Francisco 49ers kneels during the national anthem of the United States before the game

An entertainer from San Francisco 49ers appeared on her knees during the US national anthem. UU. In an NFL game.
The so distant woman was not identified that showed herself kneeling before the team's game against Oakland Raiders on Thursday. The 49ers used to be the team of Colin Kaepernick who kneeled during the hymn as a protest in 2016 to highlight police brutality against African Americans. :: The NFL star, Colin Kaepernick, gets the Amnesty Award to fit into the protest. Along with other colleagues in the league, his teammate Eric Reid joined others. If the cheerleader knelt in protest, it would be the first time that an NFL cheerleader demonstrated this way.

The NFL protests began in 2016 when Kaepernick, who was then the quarterback of the 49ers, refused to support the hymn.
Other teams protested with some arms of union in solidarity. The action was criticized by some followers and Donald Trump, who said that he was disrespectful and called them "puppy children."
His comments prompted a wave of subsequent protests in the 2017 NFL season, placing several Trump conservative equipment owners in an awkward position. In May, the NFL bosses ordered players to come forward during the national anthem. They said that players would also be allowed to stay in the lobby. Kabrunnick has been without a team since last March and filed a complaint claiming that the league owners have been persuaded to avoid their work. The NFL (National Football League) has 32 teams and is the highest professional level in American football in the world.

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