The Ministry of Justice has informed that former Vice President Jorge Glas will be transferred to the home of medical assistance

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The Ministry of Justice, through a statement, informed last night that former Vice President Jorge Glas Espinel, at the Latacunga Social Rehabilitation Center (CRS) since October 21, "is stable" and "will be transferred to a house of medical assistance ", although neither the exact date nor the place where it would be taken was specified.
"From October 21 to November 6, Jorge David Glas Espinel received 85 medical services from the MSP (Ministry of Public Health) and a group of HCAM specialists within CRS Cotopaxi … The latest medical checkup shows that Mr. Glas Espinel It is stable, in order to protect the state of health, it will be transferred to a medical care home for an intravenous and electrolyte fluid feeding process, "said the statement.
[COMUNICADO OFICIAL] The Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Worship of Ecuador reports on the state of health of Jorge Glas Espinel.
– Justice Ecuador (@Justicia_Ec) November 7, 2018
The prolonged hunger strike that, according to the lawyers of former Vice President Glas, does so at the Latacunga Social Rehabilitation Center, has wreaked havoc on his health.
According to two of its defenders, the doctors evaluated on Tuesday the health of the detainee to decide if it was necessary to transfer it to Quito, according to Harrison Salcedo; while Eduardo Franco Loor pointed out that Glas' life is in danger and although he announced that he was urgently transferred to Quito, it is known that he was medically evaluated within the Latacunga CRS.
I tell the country that the health of former Vice President Glas has deteriorated a lot. Your life is in danger. IS URGENT TRANSFER TO QUITO! They have already blamed Government authorities. for your current state and life. All your rights have been violated.
– Eduardo Franco Loor (@Efrancoloor) November 6, 2018
Santiago Cuesta, a counselor of President Lenin Moreno, denied that Glas was on a hunger strike and forbade him to leave his cell. Instead, he said that the vice president has privileges.
Glas Espinel, sentenced to six years in prison for crime of illicit association in the case of bribes from the Odebrecht construction company, was transferred on the night of October 21 from Prison 4 in Quito to the Social Rehabilitation Center of Latacunga (Cotopaxi). for his safety, after the flight of his former cabinet partner Fernando Alvarado.
The next day, on October 22, Glas was a hunger strike to demand its reintegration into the Ecuadorian capital. (I)

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