The new special operation in the R6 Siege will be called Wing Bastion

In the Rainbow Six tactical shooter: Siege, the fourth season will come soon, which will bring a new special Wing Bastion operation. The game will be a new Moroccan gendarmerie group – Groupe d & # 39; Intérvention de La Gendarmerie Royale, abbreviated GIGR. According to the established traditions, the new group will have an operation for the parties of the attack and defense.

In the Rainbow Six: Siege will appear a new map "Fortress", which will be closely related to the history of the operations. Players will find themselves in the retreat of the old Casbah and they will have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of the South of Morocco. The "Fortress" will be divided into several main areas, which in turn have positions for remote combat, melee combat, a large number of shelters and a greater number of shots.

More information about the new special operation will appear after November 18, after the end of the professional league in Rio de Janeiro.


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