The New Zealand dollar has recovered from a maximum of three months against the US dollar after data from the labor market and expectations of inflation



Thank you for reading the news of the New Zealand dollar that has recovered from its highest level in three months against the US dollar following the labor market data and expectations of inflation and now with detailed details – Bassam Rashed – Forex News Today The New Zealand dollar fluctuated in a narrow range that slid into the Asian session to see its rebound from the highest since then The second of last August against the US dollar following the developments and economic data that followed on the New Zealand economy and on the eve of the launch of the meetings of the Federal Fotouh Market Commission in Washington on Wednesdays and Thursdays and in the middle of the anticipation of election results. Mid-term renewal of the US Congress. UU. At 0237 GMT, the New Zealand dollar fell 0.03% at 0.6737 compared to opening levels at 0.6739, after reaching a minimum of 0.6713 and a maximum of three months of 0.6766.

We continue the New Zealand economy to disclose labor market data for the third quarter, which meant a 3.9% drop in unemployment, the lowest since the second quarter of 2008 compared to the previous quarter and the expectations of 4, 4%, with the acceleration of the growth index of the change in the jobs to 1,1 Compared to 0.6% in the second quarter, in contrast to the expectations of a 0.5% deceleration. In the same context, we continue to launch the cost index of the labor unit, which shows a slowdown in growth to 0.5% in line with expectations compared to 0.6% in the second quarter, while the average reading of vinegar per Time showed growth acceleration to 1.4% versus 0.2% in the second quarter, Expectations reached 0.8%, and this happened before we see the Australia Bank of Australia reading the inflation forecast of the fourth quarter that showed a stability of 2.0%. On the other hand, the markets are now analyzing the initial results of the elections of the Congress in the 435 seats of the House of Representatives and in the 34 seats of the Senate and the launching of the meeting of the Federal Market Committee Opened on 7 and 8 November, Keep politicians Monetary interest rates in the short term between 2.00% and 2.25%.

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