There is still no clear trend + Fox News sees Democrats in the House of Representatives ahead

"There will not be a radical change in politics" Martin Klepper is a professor of American literature and culture at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He believes that the possibilities are slim that the Senate falls into the hands of the Democrats. E: "Although the Democrats regained the House of Representatives, Trump may continue to go through the Senate a lot," Klepper said. The Democrats, in their opinion, could use more research commissions if they win the House of Representatives. In this case, for example, Trump relations with Russia, the Saudi real family and other financial ties could come to light, says the American expert. In this way, Democrats could make life more difficult for the president. German-American relations are currently at a lower point, according to Klepper. We do not know what to expect from Trump. "Especially since you can make the commercial policy relatively well. Therefore, you do not even need the House of Representatives or the Senate." For customs duties, the President of the United States can only do a great deal of business. For many Europeans and Germans, it could still be a sign of hope, "if the Democrats are again overweight and have the prospect that something changes."

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