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An announcement was forbidden to imply that students may submit essays purchased as their own without impact and with the guarantee of a qualification of their choice. The website of the Essay Writing Service UK website, in May, stated: "Get the notes you need and get more today! Guarantee of degree. Obtain the qualification you ordered for the first time or your money back. Free plagiarism with each order. The job you request will never be reused or sold. "A reader complained that implicitly implied site that consumers could deliver the test on their own and that their" degree guarantee "was also misleading and not confirmed Thoughtbridge Consulting, the negotiation as Essay Writing Service UK, said it did not say that the work produced was used for nothing more than as a model response. The company said it was clear that the work was provided under the agreement and that it was to be used as a guide to help the client create their own unique response that would help them achieve the qualification they wished to achieve. Said that at no time did the claim that a student would be guaranteed to obtain any qualification, which explained that it would be bad academic behavior and plagiarism. Keeping the claim, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that consumers would understand the claims that they could buy a rehearsal for a particular class that was plaxio-f Reed to deliver as their own work. He added that although consumers read the page "This trap?" of the website, the relevant frequent questions or the warranty page, these were insufficient to counteract the misleading global impression of the website that consumers could submit essays acquired as their own without any repercussions. He said: "Because we believe that consumers were waiting for the announcement that they could send trials acquired as their own without risks, which was not the case, we concluded that the announcement was deceptive." He also noted that the website was not clear that consumers would be eligible for a refund if they did not reach the indicated grade, instead of the implication that they would achieve the qualification they paid for. The ASA determined that the announcement should not appear in its current form again, adding: "We told Thoughtbridge that your website did not imply wrong that students could send trials acquired as their own without risks. In addition, he told them to make sure that They did not engage deceitfully that all grades were guaranteed when this was not the case. "

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