Yoga prevents stroke

A joint study among Australian universities Monash University, University of South Australia and Universtiy of Melbourne, showed that yoga has beneficial effects on people who have had a stroke.
Both yoga and taichi can help people who have had these cerebrovascular events. Even people at risk of an accident of this type can reduce their hypertension, fatty acids and blood sugar levels.
The practice of these techniques is also beneficial in people with diabetes, as they increase the supply of blood and oxygen to tissues. In addition to producing insulin and increasing antioxidants in the body.
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Effectiveness of yoga and taichi after a stroke
According to Susan Hillier, researcher, practicing yoga or taichi promotes regulation of blood pressure. By means of deep breathing techniques, the autonomic nervous system stabilizes and stabilizes, thus decreasing the heart rate.
Physical activity is very important for those who have suffered a stroke. Because it prevents second accidents and improves the mobility of those who have had a previous episode.
Because yoga and taichi are soft techniques, focused on movement and relaxation, they can help people to focus on a better mental state. While in motion, patients can regain their mental and emotional stability.
To reach these conclusions, the researchers analyzed 26 studies that examined how yoga and taichi moderate the risk factors for a stroke.
Among the factors that are regulated through yoga are: blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, alcohol consumption, tobacco, obesity, anxiety and depression.

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Importance of rehabilitation
After a first stroke, two out of five (43%) people will experience another event over the next 10 years. While 32% may suffer for the next 5 years and 16% in the following year after the first event.
It should be noted that the second cerebrovascular events are usually more severe and fatal. Therefore it is recommended to prevent them through rehabilitation options that moderate the risks of stroke.
Exploring the potential of yoga and taichi can help reduce hypertension, as well as lipid levels in the blood.

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