2019 Autonomous Elections: Albert Rivera will propose creating a commission to promote a State Pact against Depopulation

After the first proposal of law of help and promotion of the family, Citizens try to push in Congress a broad agreement to fight against depopulation

Albert Rivera, in an act of campaign

Albert Rivera, in an act of campaign of Citizens in vila
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After the first proposal of law of help and promotion of the family, Albert Rivera announced today invilawhat is going to be the first state pact to try to promote in Congress: a broad agreement to fight against depopulation.

As soon as the registration of the High Chamber is opened, Rivera has announced that he will request the creation of a commission in which all the groups can work on a State pact in favor of the rural areas, which are also the ones with fewer services. they have

"We are going to propose a parliamentary commission" because all the groups, regardless of the ideology of each one, "we have to fight against the depopulation", he assured in the press conference that he has celebrated after a visit today to vila, an old fief of the PP in which in the last general elections there was a triple tie betweenpopular(25.49%), PSOE (24.57) and Ciudadanos (24.28).

Rivera has denounced that the PP and the PSOE have never worked in favor of depopulated areas. On the contrary, they have created "a political bubble in provincial councils with plug-ins, official cars and opaque contracts". But that does not work, has added, to fight the depopulation of territories likeCastilla and Len, that in the last ten years has lost 150,000 inhabitants.

Ciudadanos wants to negotiate a State pact and that each party contributes its proposals after listening also to the CCAA and the municipalities. Rivera recalled that his party proposes a 60% reduction in Personal Income Tax for residents of municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, lower rates for autonomous workers and broadband for all municipalities.

The result of Cs in the call Spain emptied was very good in the general elections. For example, in Castile and Len subi of the only deputy who hadValladolidto eight, one for each province except inSoria, that only distributes two parliamentarians, always one for the PP and another for the PSOE.

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