2019 Autonomous Elections: Vox proposes to reduce autonomous deputies and councilors to create their "Unitary State"

Vox has made public its framework program in the face of regional elections with the spirit of suppressing the regions and moving towards a "unitary" state. Until reaching this end, the party led by Santiago Abascal advocates a thinning of the regional administration and public offices. To this end, it proposes to eliminate "radically" public and advisory positions and proposes a reduction in the number of deputies in the autonomous parliaments and councilors in the town halls.

The proposal, framed in the chapter of "reduction of public spending", does not already propose the elimination of regional parliaments or communities (because this requires reforming beforeConstitution) but Vox recognizes that it is among its objectives. Thus, as an intermediate stage until it is achieved, it first proposes to reduce the deputies and councilors and, at the same time, to "thin the elephantine structures of the Autonomous Communities".

Thus, the program of 37 points points to other measures such as the suppression of public entities, agencies, institutes and observatories "superfluous" and of all those "redundant" agencies that "duplicate those of the State". Also warns with the "end of subsidies" to organizations of "ideological proselytism" to cut the tap of public money to associations, such as, for example, feminists or groups of historical memory or LGTBI. In this sense, Vox asks that these be financed with contributions from their supporters and warns that they require an "auditor" to know where they have invested the money received during the last four years.

Put into ideological charge, Vox reaffirms itself in several of the most well-known and most political measures of the party: the repeal of some of the equality laws. Thus, it asks to eliminate the gender violence law to replace it with a norm of "domestic violence" that does not distinguish or fight sexist violence in a specific and special way. But treat it equally within a common box called "intrafamily violence." It also calls for the abolition of the LGTBI rights law and calls for ending subsidies to "radical feminist" and LGBTI organizations, and for eliminating protocols for transsexuals.

In this section of derogations from the "ideological" laws, Vox justifies, to attempt against "freedom of thought and equality", is also the suppression of the law of Historical Memory by "imposing" in a "totalitarian" way a version " very biased "of theCivil warand the Franco regime.

Private management of the metro or television

On the other hand, Vox has in its program the delivery to private companies of the management of autonomous television, metro or water management "through administrative concessions." In a more generic way, he affirms that he is in favor of privatizing public companies or restructuring them, but he does not give examples.

In the economic chapter it also includes tax reductions as the main claim. On the one hand, suppress the Heritage tax and the Inheritance and Donations tax. And, on the other hand, to reduce "at least 5%" the autonomous section of the IRPF "for all citizens".

Regarding abortion, as it is a subject regulated through a national law and that can not be changed in the autonomous regions, Vox advocates "promoting the culture of life", which will be transferred through "support centers for women" and kiosks for life. " Among whose objectives is "to give emotional, labor, educational, medical and economic support to promote the continuation of pregnancy". In this sense, it proposes to elaborate a "catalog of rights of the pregnant woman and auditor of its fulfillment" that does not specify in what it consists or if it can limit the development of the law of interruption of the pregnancy. In parallel, the Abascal party wants to create aFamily Counselor.

Regarding education, we want to implement the school check system, the parental PIN and the express authorization "so that parents have the freedom to choose the education of their children and their express consent is required for any activity with contents of ethical values. , social, moral or sexual cvicos ". It also proposes to "exclude" the teaching of Islam in the public school.

Vox also carries the autonomous shielding of hunting, fishing and bullfighting, in line with what it has always defended.

Flags of Spain at the entrance of the municipalities

For the municipal elections, where Vox has the possibility of governing some municipalities ofAlmeraorMurciaThe party has also made public its framework program for its 772 local candidates.

Among the most striking measures, those that have to do with "security measures and public order" stand out. Vox promises to strengthen police teams to develop all types of raids, including those related to immigrantsundocumentedfor, says the program, his "immediate expulsion". In this sense, he speaks of an "effective persecution" of the manteros and the whole chain that implies the "street trade mafias".

Vox proposes to advance in aBig Brotherof security increasing the cameras in the commercial areas and strategic points of the municipality to record everything under the pretext of security. Thus, he talks about the digitalization of images for the "prevention" and the resolution of "faults and crimes".

In another vein, Vox wants the municipalities that govern to count "at the entrances to the urban area" with a Spanish flag hoisted on a mast. "Be mandatory," he says. Similarly, "all acts of municipal relevance will end with the national anthem," says Vox, "as a sign of identity and unity" with the rest of the municipalities of Spain.

In this imprint of Spanish symbols in the localities, there is another proposal that happens because the mayor's band shows the colors of the Spanish flag.

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