Whitney Cummings reveals the real reason why she left the restart of “Roseanne”

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When I ask Whitney Cummings how she became the ABC showrunner Roseanne restart, a mischievous smile flashes on her face. “I’m just a fan of his tweets,” he jokes. “I just think you get some good points.” He laughs as he adds: “It will be quoted out of context, now I can see it!”

Over a year has passed since Cummings announced that she would step down from the show, and this week’s episode of The last laugh podcast is the first time he has talked about it for a long time on the disc.

“It made a lot of sense at the time,” the comedian, whose new special stand-up Can I touch it? started streaming on Netflix this week, sharply adding his decision to team up with the controversial sitcom star. What some people might not understand is that she actually left before ABC fired Barr and renamed the show The Conners without her.

“Working on Roseanne was a surreal and incredible experience,” Cummings wrote in a tweet canceled in May 2018. “Due to work schedule and my tour schedule, I will have to watch the Conners on the sidelines of next season. It’s It was an honor to work with such an incredibly talented group of actors, writers and crews. “Referring to the founder of TMZ, he added,” Harvey Levin, you can stop calling my cell phone now. “

The real reason Cummings left the show had everything to do with Barr’s racist tweets.

“I wanted him to get off Twitter,” he says frankly. “It seemed to me that it would reach its climax. It was like he was a mole. “

Recognizing that “maybe people won’t believe me,” Cummings says he is unaware of Barr’s long history of offensive tweets when he accepted the job. He realized that it would be a problem before Barr published the racist tweet about former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett who eventually pushed ABC to cut ties with her. “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is disgusting, repulsive and at odds with our values, and we decided to cancel her show,” said ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey in a statement at the time.

As the story kept getting out of control from there, Cummings tried to stay as far away as possible. When a TMZ reporter ambushed her at an airport to ask her if she wanted to see Barr’s character killed, a plot twist that ended in the fall to explain her absence, she admits that she didn’t come out with a bell. appearance. “I don’t even want to think about it,” Cummings said at the time, visibly annoyed. “Killing her would mean I should think about her and I don’t even want to do it right now. I’m too pissed.”

“It was a nightmare,” he says now. “I was Pissed off. We all worked hard for that show and it’s just a shame. You put your heart and soul into something for 12 months and it’s just for nothing. ”

“I grew up watching Roseanne, I loved it, “adds Cummings.” I grew up poor and that was the first show that looked like my home. It was the first show that didn’t make me feel bad about myself. ” In the past he has talked about how the character of Kat Dennings 2 broke girls—The hit series she created for CBS in 2011 – is how she imagined Roseanne Conner could be like a 20-year-old.

After Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Cummings wanted to do something to channel his frustration creatively. The ability to add his voice to a show that could be seen by those who – like Roseanne Barr – supported Trump, was too good to let go.

“There is this enormous disconnection between Hollywood writers and America,” he says. “And there is this idea among some Hollywood writers that America is stupid.” He thinks that Hillary Clinton’s comment that she calls half of Trump’s “deplorable” supporters played on this notion. “What I liked most Roseanne, it has always been, just because we are poor does not mean that we are stupid. And I have poor family members who live in red states and I think many people did not feel seen or listened to. ”

“I’m not saying that’s why people voted as they did, but they did and were not represented on television,” Cummings continues. “The opportunity to bring the content with a message in the red states has been very interesting for all of us. Because many things we do, only our echo chamber sees. We are so delusional about who looks at what we do and many times we are in our echo chamber and forget that there are a lot of people who are not watching and are preaching to the choir. ”

The writer’s room is original Roseanne showrunner Bruce Helford assembled together included comedy legends like Norm Macdonald and Wanda Sykes. “There is an idea that it was a group of right-wing racists who wrote the show,” says Cummings. “It wasn’t quite like that.”

Before the show premiered in 2018, Cummings said in an interview that sometimes seemed to be the “PC police” in the writers’ room. “Ugh, this makes me hate myself,” he says a year later. “It was much more than we really had to be careful in terms of portraying how this family and these characters would actually speak and behave. And if we had been offensive, it was for the right reasons and on purpose. ” For example, he cites a “big argument” that they had that John Goodman’s character Dan should use the term “undocumented workers” or “illegal”.

“In the privacy of his kitchen, with his 60-year-old wife, he probably wouldn’t say” undocumented workers, “he explains.” But “illegal” isn’t the term PC. It’s difficult. And people got mad at the crew. “Cummings had to defend the reality of the scene from the objections of those who found the term offensive. He said it was up to them to” do it right, so we know how the characters are wrong. ”

As “a huge fan” of Roseanne Barr growing up and coming of age, Cummings describes the comedian’s final fall as “heartbreaking”, “surreal” and “so traumatizing” that he almost blocked the entire episode from his memory.

“I just thought we were all recording to keep a mirror on what was going on and we hope to do something fun, healing and nostalgic,” he says. “I think it had the potential to be truly curative and start interesting conversations.”

Cummings indicates a teleconference that former first lady Michelle Obama had with television showrunners before leaving the White House where she spoke of how a show like Will & Grace actively changed the perception of same-sex marriage across the country. “So this made me think, this maybe can be a powerful thing, especially a show that so many people will watch,” he says. “Maybe this can unite us, which seems so naive now that I’m saying it.”

Asked if he thinks ABC made the right decision when it was actually canceled Roseanne, Cummings says, “Yes, I think so. It’s just a shame. I’m still too shocked and confused to even know what to think. It’s terribly unfortunate.”

At the same time, Cummings says that “perhaps what was to happen in the grand scheme of things is the head of that network that made a very public statement about what will not be tolerated.”

“And maybe this is the message that should have been passed on to everyone,” he says. “Because that story was huge. It was all someone was talking about. Maybe that’s what was supposed to happen. ”

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Pill Can Reduce Cancer Risk | Know “https://news.google.com/SWR2” SWR

An estimated 150 million women worldwide take the pill regularly, protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy – and long-term against cancer. This is confirmed by a study recently published by the University of Aberdeen in Great Britain.

The British researchers have compiled an impressive amount of data for this: Over 46,000 women were asked to participate in the study as early as the late 1960s, half taking the pill and the other not. Until 2012, for over 40 years, regular health checks were carried out on these women and precise recordings were made of whether, and if so when, which cancer occurred in whom.

Analysis of the data showed that women had less ovarian and colon cancer, or tumors on the endometrium. While taking the pill, the risk of developing breast and cervical cancer was slightly increased. However, this risk decreased to normal a few years after stopping the pill.

The pill appears to protect against cancer in the long term

In the study that has now been published, the researchers therefore come to the clear conclusion that taking hormonal contraceptives definitely does not increase the risk of cancer, on the contrary: taking some pills even seems to protect against some types of cancer, such as colon cancer or ovarian cancer.

Contraception and cancer prevention with the pill (Photo: Colourbox, Photo: Colourbox.de -)

Contraception and cancer prevention with the pill

Photo: Colourbox.de –

Even women who have taken the pill and have long since stopped taking it need not worry in the long term. The data show, emphasizes Dr. Lisa Iversen, who has accompanied the study at Aberdeen University in recent years, says that women still have a significantly lower risk of cancer even 30 years after taking the pill.

Every woman has to decide for herself whether she uses contraception – and if so, by what means. The great British research project shows that fear of cancer should not be a reason to refrain from taking the pill as a safe method of contraception.


Roseanne Barr addresses her controversies in a photo recently tweeted by her “made friend”

Roseanne Barr shared a poem about her own controversies and struggles on Twitter, apparently written by a friend. The comedian published a photo of her on stage under powerful spotlights, with the text of the poem imposed on her head. She praised her for persevering in her media circus last year when she was fired from ABC for a racist tweet.

The post showed Barr on stage in a simple black shirt with his arms stretched out on both sides. A microphone was not far away, which implied that he was making a speech or perhaps a standing routine. He wore his characteristic crafty smile. According to Barr, the accompanying poem was written by Ran Myob.

“Between losing your voice or your life”, we read. “Like a poet in exile, arming symbols to punish or mistreat. A recluse, banished when she enters the light. Pushed away by the emperors, she fought for a long time with the struggle. A family history of oppression in every corner of the world, of artists who pay a mighty price. “

“‘Shut up, make a choice'”, continued the poem. “‘Shut up, enough, choose.’ Your ancestors fear your work of love and pain. Roseanne’s choice has always been Tikkun Olam. “

The last line, “Tikkun olam”, is a Hebrew phrase and a complex concept of Judaism. In a nutshell, it expresses the hope of overcoming all forms of idolatry. It is interpreted differently in the different sects of religion, but is particularly important in Orthodox Judaism.

Barr turned to her faith for comfort last year when she was fired from her show, Roseanne. Although the reboot was a series that was going incredibly well by network standards, it was plagued by Barr’s off-screen political and conspiracy rhetoric. The actress added fuel to the fire of several controversial conspiracies, including QAnon and Pizzagate.

Finally, ABC ended relationships with Barr following a particularly inflammatory tweet about Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett. Barr referred to the African American politician as an “ape” and was promptly released.

Subsequently, Barr’s main output platform became his YouTube channel, which now boasts over 155,000 subscribers. There, she publishes all kinds of clips, including many short segments of herself by simply talking to the camera about what she has in mind.

This often returns to Judaism, as religion occupies much of Barr’s thoughts. Late last year, she uploaded an episode of a long-lasting talk show-style video called “News for Jews”, in which she and her rabbi talked about the finer points of pity for over an hour. So far, episode 2 is nowhere to be seen.


Aubrey O’Day shows the back in the seductive pose upside down

The singer and reality TV star Aubrey O’Day took on Instagram to represent the Fashion Nova brand, and electrified her fans in a seductive upside-down pose hanging on the edge of a transparent plastic chair.

In his caption, O’Day shared a text of Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts”, which his fans appreciated.

In the image, the singer of “White Hot Lies” hangs on the edge of a light chair with her head resting on a white synthetic fur carpet on top of a black floor. Oay’s wavy blonde hair flowed across the carpet and looked out of her arm with a sexy look. The singer’s face showed lights and smoky eyes and her lips remained naked. The strappy white swimsuit covered O’Day just enough to preserve his modesty while showing a side neckline. In the pose, the singer arched her back, which left her well rounded. He crossed his bare feet at his ankles showing his toned legs.

Fans of the Dumblonde singer appreciated the special effect it added to the still image, which made it appear that some blurred lines were moving on it. In a matter of hours, tens of thousands of 939 thousand O’Day followers saw the post with thousands of people who took the time to like and many left comments. Several fans said they were looking forward to tonight’s MTV episode Ex On The Beach.

Recently, the Ex On The Beach the star named President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., his soul mate. However, Pop culture reported that the singer said her first child is no longer the man she fell in love with during their alleged relationship in 2012 and 2013. O’Day and Trump Jr. met while the reality star appeared The celebrity apprenticeand they started a relationship after that moment.

O’Day isn’t officially tied to anyone right now, although she hinted she made friends with someone on the MTV reality show. Trump Jr. sees Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host, and divorced his wife Vanessa Trump in 2018.

“We both thought we were soul mates. It’s something we’ve talked about often,” he said. “A soul mate is a person with whom you spend a period of time, a moment, in the life with which you are connected as such. I had it with Don.”

“I think he closed the chapter when he took the lead he did,” said O’Day. “He chose to be in the life he is in now and to be the person he is now, and he is not the person I fell in love with.”

The singer’s latest reality show airs Tuesday night on MTV in Central 8/7.


The alum of “Making the Band” Aubrey O ‘Day wants women to empower women

The hard times on national television were a world away from O’Day’s ambitions as a teenager growing up in Palm Desert, California. Hailing from a family of lawyers, she planned to study international law at Columbia University until her mother, Kandy Allen, sent her an email about an ad in the local newspaper stating that Diddy was looking for a girl “who sing like Christina and dance like Britney. ” Allen encouraged her daughter to audition, noting that she herself as a lawyer did not feel that the law offered the creativity that O Day sought in life and that she had to constantly demonstrate how a woman on the field could overshadow the job itself.

Aubrey O’Day comes out of her tiny purple bikini and advises fans to “stay wet”

Aubrey O’Day shared a bikini photo three days ago in the middle of the heat wave in California, and got advice for her fans: “stay wet”.

The photo, which was animated by the water flowing over the singer, has collected over 142,000 views.

The day was spotted out of a tiny purple bikini. The upper part was just enough to cover her chest. The bottom of the bikini also had laces on the side and rested high on the sides.

The photo was taken from a low point of view. Aubrey rested her left leg and placed her left hand on her knee. Meanwhile, he put his right hand behind his head. The singer accessorized with a giant pair of sunglasses, which left much of her face darkened. However, it was possible to see that she pursed her lips for the photo and wore dark pink lipstick.

“D * mn how do you often become? Body targets, “asked one fan, while someone else said,” The worst villain of all time. “

Clearly, Aubrey’s beauty had an impact on her followers.

“You look absolutely flawless and so gorgeous !! Your beauty always takes my breath away, “said an Instagram user.

A fan left a compliment, but he also brought some politics.

“Fiery Aubs! By the way, I think you like RAD Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren. She is shit and you too !! “they exclaimed.

Aubrey continued to shoot sensual photos, with a new update a few days ago. This time, she was spotted in fishnet lingerie, spreading her legs for the shot. He crouched on the ground and sported matching fishnet shoes.

In addition, O’Day shook an abstract wig. He was platinum blonde with an edgy cut. But unlike most hairstyles, this one was very large, it extended beyond his shoulders on both sides.

And while the wig obscured parts of her face, Aubrey’s metallic eyeshadow and dark lipstick were still visible.

The day added an effect in the lower right corner of the image, which was of a burning flame.

“How do you do it?” asked a fan, who seemed impressed by the photo.

“H O L Y F * C K !!! Burn 1? More like burning the whole fucking city! Declared another follower, who referred to Aubrey’s captions.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user had a request for Aubrey.

“I think you [sic] fantastic in everything you do but I’d really like to hear more music from you !!! I wish you all [Danity Kane] they would come back together, “they said.


Aubrey O’Day admits that Donald Trump Jr. is no longer the “person I fell in love with”

Singer e Ex on the beach star Aubrey O’Day may think that Donald Trump Jr. is his “soul mate”, but that doesn’t mean he thinks there’s a chance they can get back together. He recently said PEOPLE as she no longer believes that the President’s son is the person she has fallen in love with. Trump is dating Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host.

Apparently O’Day had an affair with Trump in 2011, when he was still married to Vanessa Trump. Danity singer Kane called Trump her “soul mate” in the first episode of Ex on the beach this season. In his new interview with PEOPLEO’Day said the feeling was mutual.

“We both thought we were soulmates of each other. It’s something we’ve talked about often,” he said. “A soul mate is someone with whom you spend a period of time, a moment, in the life with which you are connected as one. I had it with Don.”

O’Day said that she liked them to be “passionate, connected, loyal and honest”, which she hopes to find another man one day. However, he understood that he will never find him again with Trump.

“I think he closed the chapter when he took the lead he did,” O’Day told the magazine. “He chose to be in the life he is in now and to be the person he is now, and he is not the person I fell in love with.”

As for why she started talking about the alleged relationship, O’Day said she was asked and decided to tell the truth “because I’m an honest person”.

“There were tabloids, headlines and speculation and many rumors – many fake things that were printed continuously over a period of time, but nobody ever asked me directly what the truth was,” he said. “When asked, I told the truth.”

O’Day said he was never afraid of the backlash because he knew he was telling his truth. “I am now at an age where I want to start living it openly and honestly, and I don’t want to hide it to please other people,” he added.

After her relationship with Trump, O’Day left Jersey Shore the star Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio for about three years after they both appeared on Famously Single in 2015. In a recent Instagram post promoting Ex on the beachO’Day called that relationship “torture”.

“Life is more fun when you are out and about with nice people,” said O’Day PEOPLE. “Positivity is also great and obviously I am attracted to motivated and motivated people who achieve their dreams and get there.”

Ex on the beach airs Tuesdays on MTV at 9:00 pm ET.

Photo credit: Getty Images


10 Disney scenes / crazy dialogues that you didn’t know had been improvised

From Mickey Mouse wearing his wizard hat to Mary Poppins floating from the sky, we all have a favorite moment in the Disney universe. But while some of these are brilliantly planned, sometimes magic just happens. Some of Disney’s most memorable moments actually happened right away and went into production.

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Some of Disney’s greatest lines and scenes took place completely outside the box, and we’ll take a look at them today. We’ll take a look behind the scenes and see how many of our favorite films have been intentionally programmed.

10 An improvised bustle

What better way to start the list than with our favorite crafty fox, Nick Wilde. The scene in Jumbo’s ice cream shop shows us not only that Nick is a Level A cheater, but Jason Bateman is quick when it comes to improvising. The scene we got in the movie was just one of several studio versions.

In the deleted scenes of zootopia, we see that the fraud of the lost wallet takes place in an almost melodramatic way. The canceled scene was too long, but the final scene was still all Bateman. He is still just as smart and fluid.

9 A possibility for Hades

Hades is arguably one of the most loved villains in Disney’s rogue gallery, but the Hades we know and love was not originally what the studio had planned. After a contractual dispute with Jack Nicholson, who was supposed to play the role, James Woods stepped in and gave the character a different role.

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What was originally a more diabolical character has become the fast talking demon that we all know, all because of an improved hearing and tons of better dialogue and jokes. We kiss, dance, scold ourselves, go home happy and the rest is history. It seems legit?

8 Smart Cogsworth

One of Disney’s best-known improvised lines comes from our favorite watch butler, Cogsworth. In the scene after the Beast saves Belle from the wolves, we begin to see a change in the character of our furry friend. Her heart starts to soften and now she wants to do something to thank her. What is Cogsworth’s suggestion?

Although it may be a little stuffy, Cogsworth is quick on ginger. “The usual thing, flowers, chocolates, promises you’re not going to keep.” The line was improvised by David Ogden Stiers who provided Cogsworth’s voice and just clicked.

7 Buzz’s Meltdown

In one of the funniest scenes of the space ranger, we see Buzz Lightyear becoming aware that he cannot fly. Needless to say, he doesn’t take it very well. The result is an emotional breakdown that is so much fun that it hurts.

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After his brief experience as Mrs. Nesbitt, we see that Buzz is more than a little depressed about his inability to fly and the sudden realization of his childhood. Her meltdown outside Hannah’s room is completely out of Tim Allen’s improvisation and creates some of Buzz’s most memorable lines. Years of comic training definitely not wasted.

6 Sad, strange little line

Easily the most quotable phrase of the whole film, “You are a sad and strange little man” was completely improvised. After Woody gave his long chat about being a toy, would there be anything left to say? It was certainly a line that we are still using today.

In a discussion about his favorite Toy Story moments, Tim Allen reflected on his favorite lines enhanced by Buzz. Alongside the previously mentioned collapse, this was another favorite. Apparently, it was even more fun than the original line. Taking a page from Robin Williams, Allen tried to improvise more about his character, but most of the time he was shot.

5 Strange tides

Where would Johnny Depp’s career be without Captain Jack Sparrow? The chief buccaneer of the Pirates of the Caribbean the franchise could fill an entire ship with the smart lines it delivered. Surely one of the most quotable Disney characters of all time, it has many purely improvised lines.

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One of his expert slogans was completely and totally Depp. But perhaps Captain Jack’s most memorable and memorable line involves an undead heart … and an earthen jar. That’s right, the jar-of-dirt song was completely script-free and gloriously became the end product. We are truly in unknown tides.

4 A Mad Tea Party

Believe it or not, the most famous scene in Alice in Wonderland he was almost entirely ad-libbed. The actors Ed Wynn and Jerry Colona, ​​respectively Mad Hatter and March Hare, were brought to a stage where a fully prepared table and props were provided. There, they brought the famous scene in front of Disney animators to life.

All the slaps, gags and lines were improvised by the two actors and simply put into animation. Even throwing the various ingredients into the white rabbit clock! If you want to see what the whole thing was like, you can take a look here.

3 Luau!

Sometimes, some of the best jokes are lines to be thrown away. There is no truer example than that of Timon’s line “What do you want me to do, dress and drag the hula?” Provided by phenomenal Nathan Lane, this line was not only advertised but inspired another scene for the film.

The line was so well received, the filmmakers convinced the managers to let them improvise an entire gag which resulted in the luau of Timon and Pumbaa. The directors and the audience loved it, and now we’re sorry to see it missing from the remake. I guess we’re still looking for some bacon.

2 The word of Gad

We have already mentioned Josh Gad as Olaf, but we will say it again. Olaf was an animator’s nightmare. Since many of Josh Gad’s jokes were ad-free or otherwise unwritten, the artists had to pay close attention to the actor’s lips to make sure they matched those of the snowman.

If the line was bizarre, silly, or involved jokes about impalement or dismemberment, it came from Gad’s mouth. Although in the end the actor got closer to the script, we still have some memorable lines. Even if you’re not a fan of Anna and Elsa, we can’t say we don’t love Olaf.

1 Never had a friend like him

If it wasn’t obvious who took our number one spot, the role of genius in Aladdin it was almost entirely tailored to Robin Williams. It could be said that almost 80-90 percent of his dialogue was completely improvised, but that’s why you hired Robin Williams. He did his best job on the fly.

From the first day, the role was intended for him. All the impressions, all the keywords, all the references to pop culture were all Williams’ spirit and wonder. His spark of madness helped create one of the most iconic characters in the Disney canon, as well as establishing him as a Disney legend.

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The Vampire Diaries: 10 people Damon Salvatore was supposed to be with other than Elena Gilbert

Why did Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D. stop?

When you think of famous couples on reality television, Pauly D. and Aubrey O’Day are the first people who usually come to mind.

The duo became famous for their love affair, and many were not shocked to learn that the couple finally stopped definitively in 2017.

Aubrey O'Day and Pauly D.
Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D | Photo by Gregg DeGuire / WireImage

Although their division was expected to occur, Aubrey O’Day recently opened her intense, failed love affair with Pauly D and shared what exactly went wrong.

Their relationship was extremely toxic

Two years have passed since Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D. quit and the ex-couple have been looking for new love ever since.

Although the couple seemed happy at first, the problems they had behind closed doors soon began to come to light.

After the meeting Famously single in 2015, Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D. went out together for a year and a half but ended up parting in July 2017.

Aubrey O'Day and Pauly D
Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D | Getty Images / Lily Lawrence

Shortly after their separation, the couple appeared Wedding boot camp: stars of reality, where all their problems were soon made public.

After trying to make things work, sources revealed in 2017 that Pauly D. had decided to end it with O’Day, while sources said their division would be “long overdue”.

While Pauly D. and Aubrey O’Day have decided not to speak publicly about their division at the beginning, singer Danity Kane is now opening up Ex on the beach.

Since O’Day has already dealt with her love affair with Donald Trump Jr. during the season premiere, the singer is ready to open her love affair with the famous DJ.

“I have told many truths about my experience with Pauly,” he admitted on the show. “I had such a toxic, unhealthy and offensive situation with him. I needed a year and two months of therapy to find myself and I never wanted to see him again. I think the fear in my stomach of him [showing up as an ex] it was real. “

Aubrey O’Day is ready to find love again

While Pauly D. tried to find love on the MTV series, Double stroke of love, it’s Aubrey O’Day’s turn to give love another try.

Even though she found out how “toxic” the relationship she had with Pauly D was, it seems that the singer is ready to leave all this in the past to try to find someone on Ex On The Beach.

“I am alone in a place where I am putting love and relationships before my job,” he said recently Hollywood Life. “EOTB it was a great opportunity to continue working, but also to actively seek to find a partner in life. I want to have a baby! “

O’Day therefore explains his desire to found a family but believes that his time is limited.

“It’s so difficult – buy 30 years and start thinking about it,” he says. “For example, you start losing egg production at 35 and all the rest, so I like it, well … I want to be engaged for a year, given for a year before being engaged, get married for a year. watch backwards and you’re like … I have to find it! “

Even though the relationship between Pauly D. and Aubrey O’Day is now a thing of the past, the two celebrities refuse to give up on love and are confident that the right person is out there.

Aubrey O’Day says she is still traumatized by working with Diddy: “It was scary”

Danity member Kane Aubrey O’Day had a lot to say about Diddy and the retaliation for his reality series “Making The Band”. Now, in an interview with Variety, O’Day reflects on his time on the show and on the behavior he has had since Diddy who believes he “wouldn’t do it at all” these days.

O’Day and Diddy’s relationship escalated throughout the series and eventually ended with Diddy removing her and her bandmate Wanita D. Woods from the group in 2008. The remaining members Dawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres and Shannon Bex continued before dissolving in 2014.

“Diddy is a father, so I hope he has learned things about how you manage women and that he now has more compassion for women,” he said. But in the past, he says it wasn’t too nice to work with.

“Puff is a very difficult person to work with,” said O’Day. “Everything had to be perfect. I remember the times when he looked at my toenails and I said “What is your third nail doing? Go fix that shit before entering a room.” Or we would be rehearsing by doing a set of an hour and a half more and several times, and he would come in for five minutes with a camera and say, “Aubrey, why are you sweating? You look like a wet dog. You are the hot one, so you think someone wants to see him?”

He continued, “We were scared to death about what would happen with Puff every day. There was no room for mistakes. Diddy was one of the most intense people you could ever work with. I experienced everything from the race [remarks] to sexism, and it was largely frightening. I have a very strong mom who was not necessarily a nurse, and I remember that once I touched my knee as a child and while bleeding everywhere, she said: “Suck it, Aubrey!” I would experience “Making the Band”. “

He also discussed the internal division that was put on girls as they progressed in the music business. “As we got older, there was a lot of division in the group because men wanted to categorize women – the cute one, the singing one,” he explained. “But the beauty wanted to become a singer and the singer wanted to be known as pretty, so you start not appreciating the people around you because of the boxes that men want to put you in. And there were always cameras around, so there we are used to not talking openly to each other because we never wanted to make this show a battleground for tantrums. We wanted to represent women in a positive way. “

Despite the struggles of the show, O’Day said that experience has taught her not to depend on anyone, but is excited about her return. “I have so much joy at any opportunity for young and talented artists to have opportunities because it is difficult nowadays with the record labels going below and independent music is so fast and furious,” he said. “The music industry has changed completely, so I’m glad they’re finally bringing the franchise back.”

O’Day also revealed that he had participated in field meetings with MTV, for a concept of the show, which involved all five members of Danity Kane, to put together a new group of girls on television.

He said: “I really think you need women to create a female band because women understand each other differently than men. When you have men who deal with women’s groups, they don’t know how to treat the emotional sides – and the emotional sides are usually what divides the groups of girls. We would be on tour with the Pussycat Dolls and they hated each other. They would all be in different vans, he didn’t like the main girl, [one member] he was making friends with the boss. “

(Photo by Denise Truscello / WireImage)