20 of the best fashion and beauty trends of 2010

The 2010s weren’t one different from past decades when it comes to fashion and beauty. What is old is always new, and what is truly good eventually returns to the mainstream. This is fantastic and terrible news for people who never want to get rid of anything from their closets: on the one hand, you […]

Colonna: “Little women” is great, but where is Louisa May Alcott’s biopic?

In a first screening of “Little Women”, director Greta Gerwig presented her splendid new film stating that when she was a child, she idolized Jo March’s character and, when she grew up, she idolized Jo’s creator, Louisa May Alcott . The film, which opened last week to critical raves and to the robust box office, […]

Series … and men – Mr. Robot – “Under my skin hides a secret”

Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) Having gone through many ups and downs, the Mr. Robot series ended on December 22 on the USA Network with a double event episode. It has come to an end to a season of high flying, which will undoubtedly remain one of the creative peaks of the decade. When authors as […]

A reborn Monterrey conquers the Mexican League | sports

That of Monterrey is the story of a total reborn. Four months ago they were relegated, without a coach and with little chance of competing for the League. And, in addition, they had to make a trip to Doha to play the Club World Cup. The hustle and a bad streak made the possibilities of […]

5 things to know about the civil rights legend

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published in July 2018. John Lewis has lived on the forefront of American history for the past half century. From being the youngest 1963 Washington speaker in Washington to serving for over 30 years in Congress, Lewis has been helping to shape civil rights in America for decades. »READ […]

Goodbye to Diego Forlán and a golden decade for the light blue | sports

No one knew yet, but in the halftime of the game played by Uruguay and Senegal for the 2002 World Cup, much more was decided than the subsequent anger with which the celestial tied the game after going 0-3 to the locker room. It can be said that those 15 minutes marked a before and […]

The Chimp Sisters | Science

The six million years that separate us from a chimpanzee are an eternity compared to our fleeting life. Six million years is 3,000 times the history of the West from the Greeks up to here, 600 times the time elapsed since the origins of the Neolithic and 30 times since the origin of our species, […]

Search for human fossils, and what is that for? | Science

We Spaniards have a somewhat reluctant attitude in recognizing the benefits that scientific culture generates. From the classic “Let others invent”, to the disbelief of the average citizen who asks himself and asks us: “… and what are you doing, what is it for?” Collectively, we are not very clear about the need to invest […]

The gastronomic keys of the decade

The kitchen continues in constant reinvention. In the last ten years, world gastronomy has followed the wave of creativity generated by the Spanish techno-emotional avant-garde. Freedom and respect for local ingredients has been encouraged, but lines of work have emerged, seasoned with social and environmental commitment. And the cooks have demonstrated with facts that talent […]

31 films that could illuminate film festivals in 2020 – Deadline

Having both a Tarantino and a Scorsese in 2019 was a pleasure. Don’t worry, there is a lot to wait in the year ahead. Here we analyze some of the undeclared films (most of which are in post-production) that could bring down festivals in 2020. NB: Guillermo del Toro Nightmare alley it doesn’t shoot until […]