What solutions to combat sexual violence in sport?

Responsibilities not assumed and deficient prevention … the revelations of several swimmers and skaters question the organization of sport in France.

Speech continues to be released in the sports environment. Several skaters and swimmers denounced Wednesday in The team and The Obs sexual violence suffered when they were adolescents.

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Former figure skater Hélène Godard notably reported having two sexual relationships with her former trainer at 14 and 15 years old. Anne Bruneteaux and Béatrice Dumur, two other skaters, accuse a trainer of sexual assault and rape. Swimmers Frédérique Weber and Elisabeth Douet, 13 and 14 years old at the time, explained that their former coach had sexually assaulted them in the late 1980s, in sport-study at Font-Romeu. Former tennis player Isabelle Demongeot also testifies against her former coach. She accuses him of having raped her.

Finally, Sarah Abitbol, ​​ten times champion of French figure skating in pairs, multi-medalist at the European and World Championships, also accused her former trainer, Gilles Beyer, of having raped her several times in 1990 and 1992, when she was 15 years old. The latter conceded on Friday that he had “intimate” and “inappropriate” relations with her.

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Already in mid-December, journalists from the We Report collective, after a long investigation into pedophilia in sport in France since 1970, denounced an omerta: “Football, gymnastics, horse riding, athletics but also archery, roller skating or chess … 28 sports disciplines are concerned. These tragedies claimed at least 276 victims in sports, most of them children under the age of 15 at the time of the events, “they wrote less than two years ago. month.

Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu, in reaction to the revelations on Wednesday, said she wanted to “empower” the federations, accused of inaction. What are the avenues for preventing sexual assault and accompanying victims? L’Express takes stock with several speakers from the world of sport.

  • A problem with the organization of sport in France?

“Everyone is outraged, even those who already knew about it, so let’s talk about the solutions.” Julian Jappert is Director General of the Sport and Citizenship think tank. A lawyer, he immediately stressed, like all of our interlocutors, the existence of a system, in theory in the best of all worlds, sufficient: “Criminal law, because the best device is already that of ordinary law”.

Véronique Lebar, president of the Ethics and Sport Committee, adds to L’Express that “nothing is specific to sport, but what is provided for any state executive is Article 40 of the Criminal Code, which requires an official, when he has wind of important and serious problems, to refer it by a complaint to the public prosecutor “.

However, the omerta remains present. Why ? “Because the world of sport is managed in consanguinity, it creates its own rules, and therefore does not control itself or poorly,” continues Julian Jappert.

The lawyer sees in particular an excessive self-esteem problem: “Sport does not open up to other sectors, such as education and training. A young sportsman removed from his family and school environment must not stay in a vacuum in a place where he will only frequent people linked to his sporting activity. The young person must be able to access other places of socialization, in order to be better equipped intellectually to allow him to realize the nature of possible pressures exercised by a predator. ”

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Near BFMTV, the psychiatrist Muriel Salmona, president of the association Traumatic memory and specialist in the care of victims of sexual violence, shared the same observation on high-level sport, qualified as “dissociating activity”, because “the student finds himself isolated and disconnected from the outside world, and therefore more vulnerable. ”

“Isolated” and “vulnerable”, terms used by former skaters and swimmers who spoke in The team and The Obs Wednesday.

Beyond the internal functioning of sports clubs, Julian Jappert targets the governance model: “Who directs sport in France? Everyone is passing the buck, while opposite, there are victims. Or the ministry governs, or it is the sports movement, but once decided, responsibility is assigned and this is very important, because responsibility implies action. ”

He cites the examples of “strong sports ministries, attached to other sectors, such as the Interior or Health, in Luxembourg, in Belgium, in Sweden. Or else the State withdraws from its questions, and then it is the sports movement that leads, like in Italy for example. These are not perfect systems, but the responsibility is clearly identified, and when we are responsible, we are more attentive, and we therefore make clearer decisions “.

  • How to identify the attackers?

A first step was taken in this direction by Roxana Maracineanu. As part of the charges brought by Sarah Abitbol against her former coach, the president of the ice sports federation, Didier Gailhaguet, in office since 1998, will be received on Monday by the Minister of Sports, to explain the retention of Gilles Beyer despite multiple reports. In addition, a meeting is to be held on February 20 with associations at the Ministry of Sports to develop avenues for reflection.

Louis-Frédéric Doyez, former CEO of the French Swimming Federation from 2005 to 2017, explains to L’Express, while ensuring never to have been confronted with such a case during his mandate, that “the problem of the federations is that in the absence of lodging of complaint, they consider that that means that there is nothing. And when there is a complaint, they defer to justice and discharge themselves by saying that it no longer concerns them. ”

Pending concrete progress, a first measure is being tested in Center-Val-de-Loire on 10,000 members of the French football federation. “The authorities are testing the verification of the criminal record B2 of the volunteers, the one containing the possible convictions for sexual crimes”, details Véronique Lebar, who will go to the meeting at the ministry at the end of February.

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The idea had been blown at the end of 2018 to the Minister of Sports by the former rugby player Sébastien Boueilh, victim of rape when he was a child and president of the Colosse association at the feet of Clay: “We had noted that educators condemned, after serving their sentence, return to the sporting sector as a volunteer and reproduce the facts for which they were convicted. Why the French football federation? Because it is the structure that has the most knowledgeable licenses for volunteers So that makes filtering easier. We hope that it will be generalized to all disciplines and all federations. ”

“Radiation for life must also be transmitted to all federations, adds Louis-Frédéric Doyez. That we cannot find someone excluded in swimming licensed in basketball. It is possible by setting up a database within the ministry for example. ”

The former director of the swimming federation also pleads for the establishment of a referent in each federation, like Guy Missoum, former boss of the sports psychology laboratory at Insep, who justified this measure with the Huff post by the need to assess coaches “other than on the champion’s CV”.

  • How to help victims to express themselves?

Sébastien Boueilh indicates to L’Express that “the victims can approach associations like ours, but there are others, to speak with professionals, with people like me, who have experienced this. Talking with another sportsman frees speech. I still had the experience yesterday in the West Indies, a 15 year old kid who came to tell me about the rape he suffered. He never said anything to anyone. We reported it to the justice system and he will be entitled to support. ”

For Louis-Frédéric Doyez, “from the moment a word is heard, it is necessary to use a protective measure by lifting the license. Even if it is difficult to deal with, because it is word against word before investigation. The federation should systematically bring a civil action with the person who reports. We have become ruthless on doping, so we must have the same intransigence with sex offenders, “said the former head of the federation.

Interruption of football matches: Maracineanu applauds “the infatuation of referees”

The Minister of Sports believes that, despite the position taken by Noël Le Graët, the referees “want to continue” to stop matches in the event of homophobic chants.

Roxana Maracineanu is happy with her “position” on homophobic songs in matches. She who encourages to interrupt meetings when songs or insults of a homophobic character are uttered in football stadiums, believes that “has aroused the enthusiasm of referees”.

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“They want to be more recognized, explains the Minister of Sports to France Blue this Friday. We can see it today, even if their enthusiasm was clearly stopped a little by the position of the president of the French Football Federation, they want to continue and the sportsmen want to continue to support this cause “. She added that “the referees will continue to do so as soon as they judge that the songs exceed a certain limit”.

Message understood

It refers to Noël Le Graët, who had asked the referees in September not to stop the matches anymore. The former swimming champion also applauds “the empowerment of groups of supporters who, for some of them, have understood the message”.

“As the supporters said, ‘We are not homophobic, it’s traditional in these songs’, but they must also understand that these songs accredit and legitimize gestures elsewhere in society “, adds Roxana Maracineanu.

good news ! Your bill will go down in February

Gas prices: good news! Your bill will go down in February

GAS PRICES. Regulated tariffs will decrease by 3.3% on average on February 1, 2020. Several million households still depend today on the tariffs marketed by Engie. They are, however, destined to disappear in the coming years.

[Mis à jour le 31 janvier 2020 à 12h25] No, February is not only synonymous witha drop in the rate of the passbook A. If you still depend on regulated gas prices today, know that they drop on February 1, 2020. The Energy Regulatory Commission announced a drop of 3.3% on average, after a drop of 0.9 % in January. It results from the evolution of a tariff formula which was defined last year. Since January 2019, regulated gas prices experienced a cumulative drop of 14.7%, noted CRE. Not surprisingly, this decrease depends on the nature of your consumption:

  • You heat with gas: -3.5%.
  • You use gas for cooking only: -0.9%.
  • You use gas for cooking and hot water: -2%.

As a reminder, regulated gas prices change every month. They depend on costs related to supply, infrastructure, marketing and taxes. February is also marked by the rising electricity prices. The blue tariffs marketed by EDF will increase by 2.4% on average, an increase of 21 euros for the average bill, according to CRE.

Engie’s regulated gas prices will disappear in 2023

Regulated gas prices are doomed to disappear. Since November 2019, individuals can no longer subscribe to these contracts, a disappearance endorsed as part of the climate energy law 2019. Government wants to phase out regulated prices gradually until June 30, 2023. If you are an Engie customer, rest assured, your contract remains valid until 2023 If you are an individual, a syndicate of co-owners or owner of a residential building that consumes less than 150 MWh, had informed Engie in a statement.

In detail, you must receive five newsletters by 2023. They will allow you to understand the situation. “The customers concerned can already choose a gas contract as a market offer from the supplier of their choice“Engie said last year. If by 2023 you do not take the lead in choosing a market offer, know that you will be automatically switched to a market offer of Engie as of July 1, 2023.

You do not know which market offer you are turning to? Do not panic. Visit the site of the national energy mediator, here. You can access a comparator of offers, which will detail the most advantageous offers according to your consumption (kitchen only, kitchen and hot water, heating). You then get a list of operators with the annual cost including all taxes (Subscription price including tax and price per kWh).

Donald Trump refuses to leave the spotlight to Democrats in Iowa

As Democrat nomination contenders have been crisscrossing Iowa up and down for months, Donald Trump refuses to let the limelight be stolen. Thursday, January 30, a few days before the first stage of the Democratic primaries, on February 3, he held a meeting at a university in Des Moines, the state capital.

Attacks on Democrats, Party of “Crime, Corruption and Chaos”

It was to a conquered and enthusiastic audience that Donald Trump spoke for more than an hour and a half, first of all, to conduct a formal offensive against his Democratic adversaries. “Democrats are the party of crime, corruption and chaos, he asserted. Republicans deal with law, order and justice. “

In the packed sports hall at Drake University, he spared no effort in attacking those who dream of doing battle with him in November, decked out with unflattering nicknames: Bernie Sanders is “Crazy Bernie” (“Bernie the fool”), Joe Biden is “Sleepy Joe” (“Joe the sleepy”), Elizabeth Warren is “Pocahontas”, mocked for his very distant Indian origins, and Michael Bloomberg is “Mini Mike”, in reference to its size.

Among the main Democratic candidates, only Pete Buttigieg, mayor of a small town in Indiana, has no nickname yet. Nor even in name for Donald Trump, who makes a face: “No one can pronounce his name”. The father of the young 38-year-old candidate was from Malta.

“Probably the best years in the history of this country”

For the tenant of the White House, already campaigning for November, the choice that will be offered to American voters in a few months is simple: on the one hand, “The radical left” who will lead the country to ruin, whatever its candidate; on the other, the continuation of the efforts made over the past three years, “Probably the best years in the history of this country”.

While taking up themes dear to him, such as immigration and the right to bear arms, Donald Trump insisted on his economic and international record, welcoming unemployment at the lowest and renegotiated trade agreements in the interest of the country, especially with Mexico and Canada.

In summary, “America is powerful again”, he said. The crowd, who repeatedly interrupted him to chant “USA! USA! USA! “, stood up when Donald Trump recalled the death of Qassem Soleimani.

The now traditional signs were distributed to spectators “Make America Great Again” (“Let us return its greatness to America”), but also those who, in 2020, must salute the work accomplished: “Keep America Great” (“Let’s keep the greatness of America”).

A campaign already in battle order

Thursday, 30, it is therefore a combative head of state, coupled with a show-man, who addressed his sympathizers. A head of state more than ever determined to occupy the land. “It’s completely unusual for a president to come to Iowa during opposition caucuses, says Dennis Goldford, professor of political science at Drake University. But it’s very typical of Donald Trump. “ Experts point out that you have to go back to 1984 and Ronald Reagan – another communications expert – to find a precedent.

This meeting confirms, if need be, that the president’s campaign for his re-election is on track. Over the next nine months, Donald Trump is expected to focus on highlighting his economic record on the one hand, and demonizing one on the other. “Radical democratic left”.

In the meantime, Jeremy, prison guard in the Des Moines region, leaves the stands, delighted. “He is fighting for us, he did not need to get into politics … He does it for us”, rejoices the forties, happy to have seen the president, for the first time, in the flesh. “ Some waited in the cold, unable to return. You see the effect it has on people. “


This is the most detailed image of the Sun obtained so far

The images of a new and powerful telescope installed on top of a volcano in Hawaii show the surface of the Sun with the greatest detail obtained so far, revealing characteristics up to 30 kilometers wide.

The images were captured by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope of the National Science Foundation (NSF), which is about 3,000 meters above sea level, at the summit of Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii.

The telescope, which has the world’s largest sun mirror (4 meters), could allow a greater understanding of the Sun and its impact on our planet, according to the National Solar Observatory (OSN), a public research institute based in Boulder, Colorado.

It shows a turbulent and “boiling” gas pattern which covers the Sun, which is about 93 million miles from Earth. They are appreciated structures similar to visible cells, each the size of the State of Texas (USA). Hot plasma can be seen rising before cooling and sinking beneath the surface in dark lanes, as part of a process called convection. The magnetic field markers are also visible with new clarity, the NSO said.

Predict problems on Earth

Studying the activity of the Sun, or “space weather,” can help scientists predict problems on Earth. Magnetic eruptions in the Sun can interrupt satellites, disable GPS, impact air travel, reduce electrical networks and cause blackouts.

“This telescope will improve our understanding of what drives space weather and will ultimately help forecasters better predict solar storms,” ​​said France Córdova, director of NSF.


“Macbeth” by Denzel Washington is ready for shooting, Harry Melling Joins – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The legend of Buster Scruggs is Harry Potter actor Harry Melling is the last to join the cast of the Jokes Coen update of the Shakespeare classic Macbeth. We feel that production should begin in mid-February.

Melling will take on the role of Malcolm, son of the former Scottish king Duncan, and a threat to the kingdom of Macbeth.

Denzel Washington will act as Macbeth with Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth. We understand that Brendan Gleeson will play Duncan and Corey Hawkins will play Macduff. Ralph Ineson is also among the supporting cast.

At this stage it is not clear who will play the famous witches or the character of Banquo in the project produced by Scott Rudin and supported by A24. None of the relevant producers or agencies were available to confirm the casting.

Coen is directed by his original screenplay. The film marks its first without his brother Ethan, with whom he shares four Oscars. It will be the ninth with his wife McDormand.

Macbeth follows a Scottish lord who is convinced by a trio of witches that he is destined to become king of Scotland. With the help of his ambitious wife, he does everything to capture the crown.

Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard starred in the latest big screen version, directed by Justin Kurzel.

The actress Payal Ghosh looks elegant in a classy dress; see photo

Mumbai: Actress Payal Ghosh looked elegant and classy when she went out for an event in a dress.

Payal looked charming in a red dress at the Hyderabad Times Food Awards recently. She looked stunning with bright clothing and added a bit of jingle with earrings while keeping her makeup subtle.

Earlier this month, the actress took a look at her holidays in Ko Samui in Thailand, and her vacation photos proved that.

From trying different dishes to photos taken on the beaches, Payal’s Instagram feed was full of Thai images.

“It was a sudden plan. I love the place and it’s my second trip here. I am a complete aquatic child and the beaches here also offer a variety of water sports. The food here is incredible. I would probably try to tan for myself too. I’m not a big party freak, but the party scene here is fantastic, “Payal said at the time.

Payal debuted in Hindi cinema with Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi, alongside Vir Das in 2017.

Coronavirus is related to bats and other animals

A new genetic analysis of 10 genome sequences of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) of nine patients in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak was predictably originated, has shown that the virus is closely related to two coronaviruses derived from bats similar to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), according to a study published in the scientific journal ‘The Lancet’.

[Sigue las últimas noticias en directo sobre el coronavirus]

In their work, however, the authors explain that, although their analysis suggests that bats might be the original host of the virus, a unidentified animal and sold at the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan could be the intermediate host that has allowed the spread of the virus to humans.

The researchers took samples of cells and secretions from the patients’ lungs to collect 2019-nCoV samples, which were analyzed for determine the origin of the virus and how it enters human cells. Eight of the patients had visited Huanan’s seafood market. A patient had never visited the market, but had stayed at a nearby hotel before the onset of his illness.

The genetic sequences of the samples were almost identical (they shared more than 99.98 percent of the same genetic sequence), indicating a very recent occurrence of the virus in humans. “It is surprising that the 2019-nCoV sequences described here from different patients were almost identical. This finding suggests that the 2019-nCoV originated from a single source in a very short period and it was detected relatively quickly, “explains one of the main authors of the paper, Weifeng Shi, from Shandong University (China).

Similar structures with SARS

Comparing the genetic sequence of 2019-nCoV with a virus library, the authors found that the most closely related were two coronaviruses similar to the SARS of origin in a bat (bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21), which shared the 88% of the genetic sequence. 2019-nCoV was more genetically distant from the human SARS virus (which shared about 79% of the genetic sequence) and from the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus (MERS), which shared about 50 percent of the genetic sequence.

By studying the tip protein of the virus (how it binds and then enters human cells), the authors found that 2019-nCoV and the human SARS virus have similar structures, despite some small differences. As a result, the authors suggest that 2019-nCoV could use the same molecular gate to enter cells as SARS (a receptor called ACE2), but point out that this end will require confirmation.

Based on their data, the authors point out that it is “more likely” that the coronavirus of bats are mutating that the 2019-nCoV, which means that it is “unlikely” that the 2019-nCoV “has arisen due to a random mutation.” “These data are consistent with a reservoir of bats for coronavirus in general and 2019-nCoV in particular. However, despite the importance of bats, it seems likely that another host animal is acting as an intermediate host between bats and humans “says Guizhen Wu of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The scientist explains his hypothesis: “First, the outbreak was first reported at the end of December, when most species of Wuhan bats are hibernating. Second, Bats were not sold or found at the Huanan seafood market, while many non-aquatic animals (including mammals) did. Third, the similarities in the genetic sequences between 2019-nCoV and its close relatives bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21 were less than 90 percent, which means that these two bat-derived coronaviruses are not direct ancestors from 2019-nCoV. Fourth, both in the SARS and the MERS, the bats acted as a natural reservoir, with another animal acting as an intermediate host and with humans as terminal hosts, which once again highlights the hidden reservoir of the virus in the wild animals and their potential to spread to human populations. “


Neanderthal genes also last in Africa

We are all a little Neanderthals. At least that’s what it is enrolled in our genes. The question is, in any case, what percentage of this extinct species endures to this day. A recent genome analysis of current human populations shows that the map of Neanderthal genome remains We had plotted was incorrect. The African continent, cradle of hominid species including ours, continues to maintain a Neanderthal footprint in the genome of its inhabitants. Much more than previously believed.

The first time it was possible to decipher the DNA of a ‘Homo neanderthalensis’ and compared with that of modern ‘sapiens’ certain connection points were already found. The modern humans of Asia, Europe and AmericaIn fact, they retain up to 2% of genes of their extinct relatives. These same estimates suggested that such traces would remain in Africa, given that Neanderthals moved mainly through Eurasia and, therefore, hardly coincided with their ancestors. But this story has turned out to be not quite true. The crossing between species not only occurred but has left a trail in all human groups studied to date. The percentages, however, could be wrong.

East new study about the Neanderthal genome, published Thursday in the journal ‘Cell Press’, presents its results while announcing the release of a statistical method, baptized as IBDmix, to track these DNA relics of today’s humans. The work has taken as reference the DNA of 2,504 people, included in the 1000 Project 1000 genomes ’, to later compare it with the genetic information of the famous ‘Neanderthal of Altai’. This approach, experts argue, has made it possible to identify more accurately the archaic genome sequences and, in turn, redraw the map of Neanderthal footprints. The analysis found, for example, that Africans share the 7.2% of its Neanderthal genes with Europeans and 2% with East Asians. “It’s the first time we can detect the real sign of Neanderthal ancestry in Africans,” says Lu Chen, one of the researchers responsible for the study.

Evolutionary history

As experts explain, these results also illustrate the evolutionary history of hominids and its ups and downs on the mainland. The presence of Neanderthal genes in Africa would show that the species crossed the border from Europe and crossed with the populations of local ‘sapiens’. That is, with the ancestors of the current inhabitants of the continent. This would not only reaffirm, once again, the hybridization between different species of hominids but would also indicate the importance of this miscegenation in our evolution.

The success of IBDmix would also highlight the technical problem that archaic genome studies might have faced. The techniques used to date, in fact, were based on tracking archaic genome traits from reference populations, something that could have skewed the results depending on the reference point used. The statistical approach of IBDmix, according to experts, would avoid these errors. “Maybe we will have to check again many of the published results and assess whether the same technical problem has been discarding our understanding of gene flow in other species, “adds Kelley Harris, an independent expert at the University of Washington, outside the study.