The decision to return Goncharenko to CSKA was made by Oreshkin, not Giner ( – Football

The details of the return of Viktor Goncharenko to the post of head coach of CSKA became known.

The Belarusian specialist left Russia after the game with Zenit (0: 4) and returned to work after the match with Dynamo (0: 0), in which the team was led by Sergey Ovchinnikov.

The decision to persuade Goncharenko to return to CSKA was personally made by the new chairman of the club’s board of directors, Maxim Oreshkin, who was elected to this position after the transfer of a 77.6% stake in CSKA under the control of the state-owned VEB.RF corporation.

In the club’s leadership, many negatively perceived such a decision, “imposed from above,” says

CSKA will play at home with Spartak in the 25th round of the RPL on June 30 at 20:30 Moscow time. CSKA ranked fifth in the standings with 37 points.

The new head of the CSKA board of directors is Maxim Oreshkin. He became Minister of Economic Development at 34, has been a fan of the club since the 90s

Goncharenko was allowed not to comply with quarantine after returning from Belarus. On the podium he was without a mask and gloves.

Giner does not like to fire coaches. Even expelling Zico, he dumped everything on the board of directors

🇷🇺↩️🇧🇾 Goncharenko is again a CSKA coach. What was it?

Buffon and Chiellini extend contracts with Juventus Football Club for a year – Foreign Football News – Football

In the 2019/20 season, Buffon played 13 matches, of which he did not miss five, the 42-year-old Italian ranks second in the number of dry matches held in the XXI century (420), the leader is Spaniard Iker Casillas (439), who completed his career. Chiellini missed most of the 2019/20 season due to injuries, he spent three matches for Juventus, scoring one goal. The Italian Championship resumed on June 20 after a pause caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Juventus leads the standings with 69 points after 28 games, with Lazio taking 65 points in the second place.

In 2001, Buffon moved to Juventus from the Italian Parma for the record-breaking € 52 million goalkeeper transfer at that time. With Juventus he became the nine-time Italian champion, won the country’s cup four times and the Italian Super Cup five times, played three times in the Champions League final, but never managed to win a trophy. Together with Parma, the footballer won the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League), the Italian Cup and Super Cup. Buffon spent the 2018/19 season as part of the French PSG, moving there as a free agent, after which he returned to the Turin club, as part of Parisians he won the championship and the French Super Cup.

Buffon 12 times became the best goalkeeper of the year in Italy, three times was the best goalkeeper of Europe according to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the best goalkeeper of the 2006 World Cup victory for Italy. He is the record holder for the number of matches for the national team (176).

Chiellini has been playing for the Turin club since 2005, previously he played for the Italian Fiorentina and Livorno. Speaking for Juventus, the 35-year-old Chiellini won the Italian championship eight times, four times becoming the owner of the Italian Cup and Super Cup. As part of the Italian team, Chiellini became the silver medalist of the 2012 European Championship and the bronze medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Buffon and Chiellini were among the few Juventus footballers who did not leave the team after losing their title and being sent to the second division in 2006 due to corruption scandal.

Pathologist explained the appearance of packages for corpses near Kommunarka – VZGLYAD.RU

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  5. Protsenko responded to data on bags for corpses of RBC found near the hospital
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Liguria, traffic and chaos tunnels. Toti: “I fought with CEO of Autostrade” – Rai News

  1. Liguria, traffic and chaos tunnels. Toti: “I fought with CEO of Autostrade” Rai News
  2. Liguria further away, motorways closed overnight La Stampa
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  4. Chaos Ligurian highways, here are the new rules of the MIT to dispose of the queues of Il Sole 24 ORE weekends
  5. A7, the reopening of the West exit is postponed: on Monday, the GenovaToday queues again
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Former Spartak coach signed up for CSKA fan accounts and explained: Football: Sports:

Former head coach of Spartak Moscow Massimo Carrera, who is currently heading the Greek AEK, signed up for CSKA fan accounts on Instagram and explained. It is reported by Sport24.

Italian specialist subscriptions include redblue_fans and cska_history. “Oh, I signed up by mistake. I’ll unsubscribe now. I do not have such plans, ”Carrera explained his actions.

Carrera led Spartak from August 2016 to October 2018. Under his leadership, the red and white became the champions of Russia and for the first time in their history won the country’s Super Bowl. In October 2018, Carrera was fired due to unsatisfactory results.

June 30, as part of the 25th round of the Tinkoff Russian Premier League (RPL), CSKA and Spartak will play among themselves. The match will begin at 20:30 Moscow time. CSKA ranked fifth in the RPL standings, gaining 37 points. Red and white are in sixth place with 32 points.

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Popular of Bari, the partners give the green light to the rescue. Gualtieri: “Great satisfaction”

The Banca Popolare di Bari is safe. The shareholders of the largest financial institution in the South gathered in an extraordinary meeting expressed their support for the bank’s recovery plan and its transformation into a joint-stock company. And, as the commissioners said, “Bank 2.0 is born”. The 35,000 total votes collected made it possible to reach the quorum already this morning on first call. The vote took place remotely to avoid the large gatherings that were held until last year in Fiera del Levante on the occasion of the assemblies of the Popolare.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Roberto Gualtieri expressed, also on behalf of the Government, “great satisfaction with the outcome of the Shareholders’ Meeting.” The transaction, carried out according to logic and conditions consistent with market criteria, marks a turning point compared to a past on which the necessary investigations are underway “.

In recent days, members have voted online on the institution’s website or by going to the branch. The Computershare platform, whose representatives were connected remotely with the bank’s extraordinary commissioners, Enrico Ajello and Antonio Blandini, gathered in the Bari branch of Corso Cavour to collect the votes to start the meeting. The representative of the bondholders Augusta Dramisino, a notary and the representatives of the supervisory committee were also connected with them. Blandini announced: “We are now opening a conciliation table with the shareholders”.


Banca Popolare di Bari, closure of 91 branches and early retirement: here is the 67 million plan

Over 97 percent of the members voted yes to the transformation into a spa and to the relaunch. Therefore, the work of the commissioners worked to convince the members (also through a package of initiatives in their favor, such as a warrant, free shares, compensation of 2.38 euros per share for each share purchased in the 2014-2015 capital increases). A result obtained also through the moral suasion made in recent days by unions and consumer associations towards their clients to vote positively.

A fundamental vote because the yes of the shareholders gives the go-ahead to the 1.6 billion euro recovery plan allocated by the Interbank Fund and by Mediocredito centrale, the operational arm of the Ministry of Finance which with an outlay of 430 million euros will now get the 97 percent of the bank’s capital. Money that will mainly serve to cover the losses of 1 billion 144 million euros left by the previous management of the bank led by the Jacobins, owners of the institute for over 40 years.

Those same Jacobins who in recent years had made a large number of acquisitions of other institutes through capital increases for hundreds of millions of euros, placing shareholders with shares of overestimated prices, up to 9.50 euros per share. Shares which proved to be illiquid and which gradually lost their value, plummeted to 2.38 until the definitive suspension of the stock at the end of last year in conjunction with the bank commissioner and the removal of the management (the president Marco Jacobini and his son Gianluca, co-director, were arrested for false accounting and obstacle to supervision in January of this year).

Those unsold securities that turned out to be waste paper, however, had caused disappointments and protests by the shareholders, which resulted in hundreds of court cases against the bank. But the intervention of the commissioners brought the institution that seemed doomed to bankruptcy back on track. First they shed light on the losses (the bank had a negative equity of € 346 million), then they reached an agreement with the unions that provides for 650 redundancies and a cut of 91 branches.

The most complex operation, however, was to obtain the go-ahead from the shareholders for the transformation into a spa and the recovery plan based on the money allocated by Fitd and Mediocredito which will allow a capital increase of over 933 million euros. The prevalence of a negative vote would have meant for the bank the forced liquidation with enormous damages from the employment point of view (the dismissal of over 2 thousand employees) and economically for the whole regional territory, not to mention the consequences on the shareholders, especially for the 15 thousand bondholders who would have seen the repayment to 2021 of the 218 million euros of subordinated bonds purchased in previous years.

Today’s vote actually opens a new path for the bank that will no longer be trapped in the capita vote (that same “one head, one vote” method that allowed the Jacobins to keep the reins of power for decades). Leading the Popolare will now be the institute led by Bernardo Mattarella. The goal is to bring the bank back into profitability within the next few years and relaunch it making it the hub of a large southern financial center, through mergers and acquisitions with other banks in the South. This is however another story. Certainly the People of Bari is now safe.

Ninebot introduced an electric card with a portable speaker function

Chinese company Ninebot launched sales of compact race car No. 9 Kart Pro. It is reported that the manufacturer worked on creating a cheap map for two years, during which the prototype traveled about 33,000 kilometers in total and proved its safety. A karting machine costs $ 1,272, which at the current rate is about 90,000 rubles.

Racing car Ninebot No. 9 Kart Pro has a sporty design with good aerodynamics, so that the headwind does not interfere with gaining high speeds. As with many other racing cars, the engine is located on the rear of the structure. To prevent the car from turning over, the front part is made heavier. Among other features, it is worth noting the presence of metal pedals and LED headlights.

Engine power is 2400 watts, and a battery charge of 432 Wh is enough to overcome 62 laps along a 400-meter track. In general, a kart car supports four riding modes:

  • beginner mode at a speed of up to 8 km / h;
  • normal mode (18 km / h);
  • sport mode (28 km / h);
  • track mode (37 km / h).

If necessary, the pilot can control how the inner and outer wheels behave during cornering. In addition, it is worth noting that the car is equipped with 8-watt speakers and can play music via Bluetooth.

Some sources indicate that Xiaomi has something to do with the new product. In fact, the car manufacturer is the Chinese company Ninebot – earlier it sued Segway because of charges of illegal use of patents.

The case ended with Ninebot buying Segway along with all patents for gyro scooters and other equipment. And Xiaomi helped her with money in this matter, which is why in some countries vehicles are sold under different brands.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

Liguria, the map of the first four nights of closed highways. Toti: “Ordinance against Mit and Aspi’s plan, unsustainable situation”

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The premium night closings will start today, Monday 29 June, and will continue until 3 July. In all they are 16 the galleries to be inspected in this first phase: those considered to be highest priority, on which in-depth checks that have never been carried out are necessary. Then, by the 10th of July, all checks on the must be completed 147 galleries and must be guaranteed at least two lanes open across the network. These are the map and roadmap agreed by Ministry of Transport e Autostrade per l’Italia to complete the works in Liguria. A plan agreed on Sunday in extremis to avoid the risk of a total block of regional motorway traffic, but which still infuriates the President of Liguria, Giovanni Toti. The governor announced ordinance which asks Mit and Aspi to prepare within three days a new plan on highway works: “We did everything in our power to try and mitigate the inconvenience that there are, “explained Toti, speaking of a” situation unsustainable“And” a damage gigantic ”for the economy.

The agreement reached yesterday between the ministry and the Autostrade company had the aim of avoiding one daytime closing give her A26. Furthermore, the dealership has obtained the go-ahead to modify the control procedure: for the tunnels already inspected, the procedure will be carried out indirect instrumental checks which will allow you to acquire knowledge about the state of safety, while still ensuring the transit of cars. This does not mean that for Ligurian tourists and commuters i problems are finished: first, i will continue works on the network, which should start from July 3 get to guarantee in a week at least two free lanes for the passage of vehicles. And then there is theunknown on controls: if the nocturnal checks were to reveal some risks for safety, the closure of the motorway section would come prolonged beyond 6 in the morning, among other things without the possibility of notice.

As reported on the website of the Ministry of Transport, the control activities concern overall 147 galleries. The newspaper The print shows in detail what the first 16 galleries subjected to checks already in the next four nights, those included precisely between 29 June and 3 July. Seven are on A26 (between Voltri and Gravellona), as many are on the A12 (between Genoa and Rosignano), while two are located on the A10 (between the capital and Ventimiglia). In these sections night closing will therefore be arranged, starting from 22 of the will be until to 6 in the morning. The before tonight will be right on the A26, he writes The print, between Ovada and the junction with the A10.

In detail, subsequent closings have yet to be defined by prefectures, regions and municipalities. In the meantime, however, Toti’s reply has arrived, with the ordinance asking to “prepare immediately and in any case no later than three days from the publication of this ordinance a maintenance plan of the Ligurian motorway infrastructure which reconciles the primary traffic safety requirements with the fundamental right a mobility“. For the Ligurian governor “the situation remains unsustainable“. “We can’t fix the galleriand all together – he added – because this involves a risk for those who move and therefore damage, the lack of mobility of citizens and therefore the damage to constitutional rights and a gigantic damage to freedom economic of enterprise in our territory, as well as a disparity of treatment between businesses and citizens of Liguria and those of other territories “.

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Officially … Barcelona announces the departure of Artur to Juventus for 72 million euros – Yalla Koura

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“On Salvini’s leash”. Vauro and the cartoon against Ceccardi

“On a leash? Salvini defends Ceccardi: Dare to repeat it and untie it”, “Ghrr”, “Ghrrr”. So Vauro Senesi he thought well to joke about the Northern League candidate for the center-right in Tuscany, portraying the secretary of the Carroccio Matteo Salvini busy keeping to leash, with two hands, a figure that does not appear, but which obviously recalls the presence of a dog, thus making fun of the fact that Susanna Ceccardi would be on the leash of the former owner of the Interior Ministry. In the past few hours the candidate for governor of the Democratic Party had thrown himself against the MEP of the League, a former mayor of Cascina (in the province of Pisa); Eugenio Gianiin fact said: “My real opponent is Salvini, who carries a candidate behind the leash”.

The interested party replied closely: “I don’t want to be a victim, sure left would shout at scandal if one of our representatives told a woman of the opposing side that she is only good at being on a leash like a bitch: cries of indignation would arise at an international level “. “I do not accept lessons from a party based on the cult of the strong male in command who demeans their candidates by using them for purposes that have nothing to do with the political and administrative issues affecting Tuscany”, the counter-polemical response of Giani, who also wanted to increase the dose.

Here, today the thrust of the cartoonist, with a drawing created for Left. “That shame. The usual hypocrisy of a certain left that allows itself to denigrate and insult those who do not think like them. To the contempt of Pd and we respond to hatred as a social center with heart, ideas and courage. Come on Susanna Ceccardi! “, today’s commentary on the cartoon by Matteo Salvini, who captured the wholehypocrisy from Vauro. With parts reversed, as pointed out by Ceccardi herself, the left would scream scandal. In this case, however, there were no voices of dissent and denunciation from the left …

In the center-right row, instead, the Italian took a clear and decisive position Mara Carfagna: “Is everything lawful in the election campaign? No. You cannot disrespect and give free rein to a language full of contempt e misogyny. Eugenio Giani who defines Susanna Ceccardi as a candidate on Salvini’s leash, qualifies him more than his opponent “.

Ceccardi is called to perform a feat in the red region par excellence of the boot, together with Emilia Romagna: it will vote on 20-21 September and the center-right will aim for the coup that could give the Conte-Bis a shoulder.