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2021: car tax and Rai license fee are changed. Here comes the surprise!

Never as in these days the car tax and the Rai license fee are at the center of the thoughts of the Italians. Economic crisis and lockdown in the head, the question that everyone is asking is whether it is really necessary to continue to pay these two trappings. Sometimes news circulates that make us hope well for the future, making us hope that they will be canceled. But, in reality, what would be the truth? What can we expect for 2021: the long-awaited swipe will arrive that will permanently cancel the car tax and the Rai license fee?

For the moment some news reaches us, from various fronts that could give us hope for the best. But it is very important to try to understand them thoroughly and understand what they refer to. Because they sometimes delete the car tax, yes but the old and forgotten ones in the drawer. It is not said that they actually cancel the heavy taxes of the future. And for the Rai license fee, do we have any hope? Let’s try to see what happens on this front too.

Car tax, the deception of the Supreme Court!

In recent months, news has been circulating on which many journalists and many websites are raging. That is, that the Cassation deleted the car tax. The news is indeed true, but it is necessary to read it thoroughly and find out what it really refers to. A sentence filed on November 17, 2019 – attention we are talking about a year ago – has effectively annulled the car tax. The judges have come to cancel all those with an amount less than a thousand euros. I already think of all our readers who are rejoicing and will be wondering: excellent I pay less than a thousand euros every year, this time they take it away from me too car tax. Warning: the ruling refers to outstanding debts!

But what happens? Quite simply, the Supreme Court judges found themselves having to work on a car tax dating back to 2005, for which theCollection agent he had sent an order for payment only and only in 2012. The debtor – ie the motorist who had not paid the road tax – had invoked the prescription. The judges, however, made use of a higher and general rule, according to which the file has already been canceled by law. The judges could not help but take note and automatically cancel the debt.

Let’s try a little to see what the norm really refers to. We are not faced with a law or a rule that completely and totally erases the car tax for all motorists. The rule applied is very clear: in the event that a taxpayer has debts of less than one thousand euros – this figure must include interest and penalties in addition to the capital – and have been entrusted to Collection agents in a period between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2020, they are automatically canceled. So we’re not talking about the car tax 2020 or that of next year. We are talking about the situation in which a crafty man found himself, who in the past did not pay the regular car tax and that today is pardoned by the law (obviously the rule applies to all taxpayers who find themselves in the same condition as him).

This rule, as we have explained, is valid for any unpaid donation, provided that the amounts not paid are less than one thousand euros for each annuity. The judges have taken steps to delete all the mini-folders that have an amount lower than what we have just indicated. The applied norm does not speak directly of car tax, but of debts in general with the taxman.

Rai canon: the new indiscretion!

Also on the future of Rai license fee many rumors are circulating and certainly many of our readers are watching and observing them with some hesitation. The statements by Fabrizio Salini, managing director of Rai, who began to outline what the prospects for the future of state television could be, but above all he explained what we should fear.

If until a few years ago there was talk of a cancellation of the Rai license fee, today it does not seem that the prospects can actually move in this direction. Also because the sector is strongly in crisis, but Rai intends to continue investing the same.

In 2021, with the decline in advertising sales and the uncertainties about revenues from canon, we are making rationalizations both on internal costs and on production investments – explained Salini -. We do not stop the machines, but if resources do not arrive, Rai will reduce investments in fiction.

The CEO explained that some extra resources will need to be recovered from the Rai license fee. Just to get an idea, nowadays, of the 90 euro that every single family pays through the electricity bill to the state, one and only 70 euro end up in the pockets of Rai. In the event that more resources do not arrive, there would be some programs of the Rai flagship network at risk.

Car tax and Rai license fee: here’s the surprise!

But what are the surprises that we have to wait for next year for the car tax and the Rai license fee?

Yes, in 2021 the car tax it will completely change its face. Especially for hybrid cars. Motorists will find themselves in front of a nice surprise. Let’s try to see what changes in some regions.

Piedmont, Tuscany, Market e Friuli Venezia Giulia: 100% electric cars will not pay the car tax for five years.

Lombardy: 100% electric cars purchased in 2020 will be exempt from tax until 2022

Veneto: exemption for three years for 100% electric vehicles and bi-fuel with gas and hydrogen.

Emilia Romagna: exemption for 3 years for hybrid cars, 5 years for 100% electric cars.

Lazio e Campania: the 100% electric ones do not pay the car tax for three years.

And instead for the Rai license fee what would be the surprise? 5% of the rent than with the 2015 Stability Law had been removed from Rai, it could return to state TV. These would be the agreements made between Fabrizio Salini and the Ministry of Economic Development and with the Ministry of Economy. An agreement that for the moment would have been taken only with a handshake.

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