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“2021NBA Eastern Conference Finals Magic Numbers” Wizards defeated the Patriarch’s penalty zone defense line Domantas Sabonis was tortured by opponents in turns-NBA-Basketball

In the final battle of the Eastern Division play-offs, the Wizards relied on the fierce bombing in the second and third quarters to open the gap of more than 30 points early, so that the horse was unable to return to the sky. He won 142 to 115 and grabbed the Eastern Division postseason. The last ticket to the game. The following will analyze the performance of the two teams in the final round of the Eastern Conference playoffs through the five magic numbers:

Russell WestbrookPositive and negative value +30

Looking back on the three matchups between the two sides in the regular season this season, all of them were won by the wizards, and the wizards averaged 139.7 points in these three games, setting a record for the highest average points lost against a single team this season. At the same time, this is also the wizard’s net win this season. In the case of double digits, the record with the highest average score.

The outstanding performance of the team is mainly driven by the master Russell Westbrook. In this season’s game against the Pacers, Westbrook reached a big three, averaging 27.3 points, 18.0 rebounds and 20.0 assists. What’s more frightening is that he can shoot 53.8% from the field and average 2.3 three-pointers per game. Looking at Westbrook’s player career, he has played against the Pacers 25 times in his career, and he has scored 10 major triples, which is called a “horseman”. The Pacers also contributed the most on the road to Westbrook’s crowning as the NBA’s three-dimensional king.

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In this play-off match, Westbrook scored 18 points, 8 rebounds and 15 assists. Although he passed the big three, his plus-minus value +30 dazzled the audience, and he still helped the team to take advantage of the team with 27 points. The greatest hero.

Pao horse fast break only 5Minute

There is one thing in common in the combination of the wizard and the Pao Horse, that is, the two armies are speeding up at the same time this season. Pace 99.41 in the regular season, only ranked 22nd in the league. This season, after replacing the old-school Nate McMillan with former Tyrannosaurus champion assistant Nate Bjorkgren in charge of the talisman, Pace soared to 102.05, ranking fourth in the league; The Wizards had Pace 103.38 last season, which was already fifth in the league. This season, after Westbrook, who is good at advancing fast breaks, joined, Pace slightly increased to 104.67, ranking first.

The two teams are evenly matched in terms of offensive and defensive conversion points. The Wizards scored 24.9 points and the Pacers scored 23.9 points, ranking first and third in the league respectively. However, in terms of fast break back defense, the two teams are very different. The Wizards have only lost 10.7 points in the fast break, which is the fourth best result in the league. The Pacers averaged 13.7 points in the fast break, which is the lowest in the league. 6. This match proved this data comparison. Although both teams had about 15 turnovers, the Wizards won 16 to 5 in the fast break scoring link, showing a gap in the enthusiasm of the two teams to return to defense.

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The wizard hit 72 in the penalty areaMinute

Paoma’s defense in the penalty area throughout the season was not ideal. The opponent shot 36% in the penalty area and lost 40.4 points in the penalty area. Both statistics were the worst in the league. The Wizards were in the penalty area of ​​the Patriarch, and they were also asking for requests. They scored 72 to 40 in the paint and put their opponents in the open. In particular, the Wizards made 23 shots near the rim and only missed two goals. The penalty area can only be described as a crash.

The problem with the Pacers is that the defense is too slow for the second line. The defenses including Domantas Sabonis and Goga Bitadze are not timely enough, especially for the P&R defense and communication is not reliable enough. The Wizards have 13 goals in this game. P&R’s two-person team cooperation includes the ball-handler’s own shot and the slippery screener to score.

Domantas SabonisPositive and negative values ​​-18

Sabonis was in very hot form in May, averaging 22.1 points, 14.8 rebounds and 10.5 assists in the last ten games (including regular and play-offs), shooting 60.6% from outside and 40% from three-pointers. In this battle, the Wizards played against the Wizards and once again created a three-pointer of 19 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. The plus-minus value of -18 is the second worst of the five starting five.

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The main reason was that he was overwhelmed by the crowd of wizards, made 5 mistakes, and committed full departures. All of his fouls were paid to Hachimura, Robin Lopez and Daniel Gafford. In particular, the Wizards’ backup power forward Gafford required not only one foul, but also two offensive fouls. Although Gafford was only 22 years old and had no playoff experience, he tortured Sabonis severely.

Malcolm Brogdon On/Off CourtNet efficiency value -23

Although the Pacers starting point guard Malcolm Brogdon scored the team’s best 24 points and the On/Off Court net rating is -23, it is the worst on the team because his shooting percentage is less than 40%, especially in the penalty area. 3 of 11 shots. This horrible performance is not exceptional. This season, Brogdon’s shooting percentage in the paint during the regular season is 53.2%, which is the worst in the league among players who have made more than 200 shots in the penalty area. Although Brogdon has good variable speed cutting skills, his mediocre athleticism and physical fitness still limit his performance in cutting attacks.

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