22 June, in the scenes of the reopening of the cinema

In this multiplex with the warm colors, the buzz for the past week. Located in the commercial area of Basse-Goulaine, fifteen minutes from Nantes, the film is preparing to welcome the spectators in sanitary conditions, unpublished.

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On the ground, stickers, refers to the minimum distance in the queue (1.5 metres between each person). Distributors of hydroalcoholic gel were placed before each caisse is protected by plexiglas, and then in the area of control of the notes. ” In areas very exposed, the employees will be wearing a visor in addition to their mask and will be able to put on gloves “says the director of the film Aurélie Gray, 42 years old, making a visit to the scene of a not-leste.

Side spectators, everything has been thought to limit the combinations. The outputs will be made only to the rear while the schedules have been carefully redesigned so that there is no room close to the other does not diffuse film at the same time. ” Wearing a mask will be mandatory in inside the cinema, but it will be possible to remove it once installed in his chairexplains the director. I hope not too find on the ground at the end of the films, in the middle of the cans and boxes of pop-corn, empty… “

Inside the rooms, whose capacity has been reduced (1 506 seats in normal time), the spectators will have to leave an empty seat between them, unless they come as a group or family. The atmosphere will not have any more large-thing to see with the crowd of the great days, where Jennie Gray likes to discreetly slip. “ I love watching the faces of the spectators at the exit of a film and to hear their conversations “says the one who was already dreaming of this vocation when she was a teenager.

A closure new

In the cinema she has held since its opening in 2003, in the midst of restaurants and brands in the retail, attractive prices (8 € instead, € 4 for under 26 years of age and £ 5 for the morning sessions) drain a young audience (50 % of entries) and family. Last year, he has recorded 653 000 entries, is a weekly rhythm of 12 500 spectators. Increased from 5 to 8 and then to 9 rooms, the multiplex was still cramped in the days of busy periods (weekends, evenings, school holidays…).

The containment is arrived ten days prior to the closing of the construction site of our tenth room “, tells the story of Aurélie Gray, that keeps in memory a sense of amazement. ” Saturday, march 14 at noon, we had passed a dipstick maximum of 1,000 seats to 100 seats, “she says. It was already very complicated. And the same evening, the closure was announced…

The doors have been closed after the sessions of 22 hours and the employees asked to stay home until further notice. ” At this time, I really thought we would have for a couple of days… “. Except that over the weeks, the horizon continued to darken. ” I understood that it was going to last when I saw the programming of films disappear. No in may, not in June…

A tenth room

Placed on partial unemployment, the team of 11 employees is only found for a week for a large household places. ” It was the occasion or nevertelling the story of the director. We had accumulated so much in seventeen years… “. More than 6 tons of equipment were put in the dumpster (chairs damaged, old computers, projectors, broken…). All seats, floors, and drapes have been cleaned from the inside out, offering a look gleaming. “ I will track down the slightest hitch or chewing gum “, she smiled.

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Especially, at the end of the confinement, the work of the tenth hall were able to resume their course. To enter, you have to take a corridor to the black and white stripes ending in a silhouette of James Bond. Inside, this room 385 red chairs brand new facility is equipped with a laser projector and the sound to ” Dolby Atmos “. Its speakers are scattered from the ceiling, promise the viewer a listener in three dimensions.

We took advantage of the confinement to equip another room with a laser projectorslide the director. The prices were a little down for lack of demand. “This is not insignificant when the cost of a laser projector is oscillating between 120 000 to 180 000 € (50 000 € for a classic equipment).

Few new films

For its reopening, the theater prefers to showcase the opening of this new room in that building on the originality of its programming. And for good reason. On the twenty films scheduled this week, only four are new : two animated films (The little Mole loves nature and We, the dogs) and two horror (The Hunt and The Demon inside).

The multiplex also offers Tuesday, June 23, the premiere of the film Perfumeswith Emmanuelle Devos. ” Rather, it is a niche art and essay “, she says. For the rest, the viewer will have the right to films released in march which have not had time to find their audience, including several comedies for the family. ” This is not simple as many have been seen on video on demand during the confinement. It is necessary to wait until the month of July for new releases.

The year-end balance

The great unknown – in addition to some apprehension on the implementation of the gestures barrier, remains the return of the public in the dark rooms. ” The people have-they want to go there in these conditions ? “asks the one that is a lot of emphasis on the summer season, where many small children are with their grandparents. “They come to the cinema when it’s too cold to go to the beach or when it’s too hot !

The team hopes that, over the months, life will resume its normal course. “ My wish is to finish the year in balance without losing money, summarizes Aurélie Gray. The tool was running well before the confinement, and we had invested for it runs even better… It is to be hoped that all saints ‘ day, all of this is behind us “. An optimistic scenario.


Movies this week

The vast majority of 2 000 cinemas and their 6 000 rooms re-opened today their doors.

Each institution selected its programming according to the offer proposed each week by the distributors and the profile of its clientele.

For this new situation, the operators are committed to reprogram in their rooms films that have seen their career interrupted abruptly on march 13.

Movies reprogrammed

De Gaulle, by Gabriel Le Bomin, and The good wife Martin Provost with Juliette Binoche, both scheduled in more than 600 rooms each.

A son, film tunisian Mehdi Mr. Barsaoui.

The Communion, Polish film by Jan Komasa.

Radioactive Marjane Satrapi, a biopic about Marie Curie.

A mermaid in Paris, the romance of Mathias Malzieu.

Woman, the documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.


The shadow of Stalin, historical films of Agnieszka Holland.

Bennithe German Nora Fingscheidt.

Girls of joys, by Frédéric Fonteyne, and Anne Paulicevich.

Cancion sín number, of the peruvian Melina Leon.

We, the dogs, an animated movie Korean Oh Sung-yoon and Lee Choon-Baek.

The Capital in the XXIe centurydocumentary of Justin Pemberton and Thomas Piketty.

Be natural, the untold story of Alice Guy-Blaché, documentary Pamela B. Green on one of the first women directors.

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