225,030 Positive, 161,065 Cured, 8,965 Died

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Handling Task Force Covid-19 release case data developments Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Through the release of the BNPB, there were an additional 3,507 new cases confirmed positive for Corona.

From this addition, the total confirmed positive cases of Corona in Indonesia as of September 15 2020 at 12.00 WIB were 225,030 cases.

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Meanwhile, there were an additional 2,660 recovered cases. So that the total cases recovered as many as 161,065 people.

Meanwhile, the death cases increased by 124 cases, bringing the total death cases to 8,965 cases.

Then, the government also announced that there are 99,634 people who are currently suspected.

Since the pandemic, Covid-19 cases have existed in all provinces or 34 provinces, from Aceh to Papua.

In particular, there have been 493 districts / cities out of 34 provinces that have been affected by the transmission of the corona virus.

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The government emphasizes the importance of implementing health protocols in everyday life, especially during a pandemic Covid-19.

Because this is one of the keys to suppressing the increase in the number of positive cases of Corona.

By keeping a distance, using masks and washing hands frequently are expected to be able to prevent transmission corona virus.

The government asks residents to respond to calls to adhere to health protocols, by starting with themselves, thus protecting their families and the environment from Covid-19.


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