24 Karat Gold Price at Pawnshops Today, Monday 12 July 2021, Antam Drops

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – The price of 24-karat gold bars sold at Pegadaian was observed to fall in today’s trading, Monday (12/7/2021), for Antam’s prints, while UBS’s prints were stagnant.

Based on information on the official Pegadaian website, the price of 24 karat UBS gold, the smallest size, which is 0.5 grams, is set at IDR 506,000, the same as the previous position. Meanwhile, Antam’s smallest gold is priced at Rp544,000, down Rp3,000 compared to yesterday’s price.

The price of 1 gram of UBS gold was sold for Rp. 947,000, the same as the previous trade. Meanwhile, the same size gold for Antam’s prints is priced at IDR 983,000, down by IDR 5,000

UBS 24 carat gold with a size of 5 grams is priced at IDR 4,641,000, while Antam’s printed gold is sold for IDR 4,679,000. Then for the 10 gram print, the price of UBS gold is set at IDR 9,232,000, while Antam’s 24 carat gold is priced at IDR 9,300,000.

The 25 gram gold bar printed by UBS is priced at Rp. 23,033,000, while the 50 gram size at Pegadaian is sold for Rp. 45,972,000.

Meanwhile, the price of Antam’s 25 gram gold bar is Rp. 23,119,000 and the 50 gram size is sold at Pegadaian for Rp. 46,155,000.

For the 100 gram size, Pegadaian costs UBS gold of Rp. 91.906000, while Antam’s gold is Rp. 92.229,000.

Meanwhile, the largest gold size, which is 1,000 grams, is priced at IDR 916,712,000 for UBS and IDR 920,714,000 for Antam’s gold.

Gold Price at Pegadaian, 12 July 2021
Weight Antam Price UBS price
0.5 IDR 544,000 IDR 506.000
1.0 IDR 983,000 IDR 947,000
2.0 IDR 1,903,000 IDR 1,878,000
5.0 Rp 4,679,000 IDR 4,641,000
10.0 Rp 9,300,000 Rp 9,232,000
25.0 Rp 23,119,000 Rp 23,033,000
50.0 Rp 46,155,000 IDR 45,972,000
100.0 Rp 92,229,000 Rp 91.906.000
250.0 Rp 230.298.000 IDR 229,697,000
500.0 Rp 460,377,000 Rp 458.852.000
1000.0 IDR 920,714,000 Rp 916,712,000
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Source: Pegadaian

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