26 countries and net giants pledge against terrorist and extremist online content


With this call, signed Wednesday, the giants of the net pledge to prevent the downloading and dissemination of these contents, including "their immediate and permanent withdrawal".

Twenty-six countries and Internet giants have joined the "call of Christchurch" to fight against terrorist online content or violent extremists, announces the Elysee, Wednesday, May 15. This signing takes place two months after the live Facebook broadcast of the attack on mosques in New Zealand.

>> Violence Online: A "Christchurch Appeal" for an Internet Regulation

Through this call, initiated by Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, internet platforms, including Facebook (and its affiliates WhatsApp and Instagram) and Google, as well as its subsidiary YouTube, pledge to prevent downloading. and the dissemination of these contents, including by "their immediate and permanent withdrawal".

These include "develop tools to prevent the downloading of violent terrorist and extremist content ", "fight against the causes of violent extremism", "improve transparency in detecting and removing content" and "ensure that algorithms designed and used by companies do not direct users to violent extremist content in order to reduce virality".

Amazon, Facebook, Google and YouTube (the Alphabet holding), Microsoft and Twitter have adopted this text and will announce measures. Facebook, the largest social network, has already announced the tightening of conditions for the use of live video. Qwant, DailyMotion, the Wikimedia Foundation also adopted this text.

The call was signed by France, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Jordan, Norway, the United Kingdom, Senegal, Indonesia and the European Commission. Other countries including Australia, Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden also supported the call.

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