Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

27 reported tornadoes tear apart Iowa

There were 27 reports of tornadoes in the state on Thursday, said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller. The exact number will be published by the National Weather Service when it studies the damage.

A tornado struck a company in the city of Pella, about 40 miles from Des Moines, sending at least seven people from Vermeer Corporation to the hospital with injuries.

The company, which manufactures industrial and agricultural equipment, suffered significant damage, said Vermeer CEO Jason Andringa.

Several More Injured in Marshalltown

In Marshalltown, a town of about 27,000 inhabitants about an hour northeast of Des Moines, 10 people were injured after one year. tornado hit the area.

In critical condition, hospital spokeswoman Laura Rainey said.

  Several Marshalltown Buildings Damaged

Julie Owen of Des Moines was visiting her daughter in Marshalltown when the tornado struck.

She was not in the area where the tornado struck, but she went to town to help her granddaughters get out of the day camp

"It was bad, I I've seen a lot of tornadoes (in the past), "she says. "It's not as if the whole city was destroyed, but in the city center, a city of this size, it was something else."

Photos taken by Billie Rice Blocker show damage to buildings on the north side of the city

"Devastated to see the destruction of severe storms and tornadoes of today.For all affected Iowans and for the emergency management teams who responded tonight, Governor Kim Reynolds tweeted on Thursday

Bondurant's homes were damaged

  Damage Caused by a Tornado That Brought hit Marshalltown, Iowa on Thursday, June 19.

Trees collapsed on roads, houses lack many shingles, a large building Industrial lack of sections of a wall and debris are thrown over vehicles in the parking lot.

"Everyone is advised to stay away from downtown Marshalltown until the end of the day. at new order ", ad "We also ask that people stay away from cells, unless necessary, to allow emergency telephone traffic."

Another tornado damaged homes in Bondurant, about 15 miles from Des Moines, according to WOI, affiliated with CNN.

Hollie Silverman of CNN, Sheena Jones, Abbie Lane and Jamiel Lynch contributed to this report.

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