28 million lira National Garden to Bolu

Before the March 31 elections, AKP Bolu Provincial Chair Nurettin Doğanay announced that the tender for the Millet Garden, which was promised by the AKP members, was made and a contract was signed with the company. Emphasizing that the company that won the tender from TOKI will deliver the Millet Garden within 400 days, said, “TOKI Presidency approved the tender for the Millet Garden and signed the contract with Lef Yapı, which received the work. “The National Garden, which will cost 28 million 223 thousand liras, will be completed in 400 days and will begin to serve our Bolulu citizens”.


Expressing that they have fulfilled the promises made by the AKP before the March 31 local elections such as Karadere Waters, Nation Garden, and Gölköy Landscaping, Doğanay said, “Before the elections, the ministers of our AK Party government made their investment promises in Bolu with the power they received from our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Members of the opposition, who are drawn to an unfounded and unseemly polemic such as ‘election bribery’, ‘if the AK Party does not win, they will not do it’ have a word to say, hopefully after our promises are fulfilled one by one. Because we made these words not for election, but because the people of Bolu deserved the best of services ”.


The AKP’s Bolu Municipality started work on the establishment of the International Köroğlu Park on an area of ​​90 thousand square meters in the Alpagut District in 2016, but the park, which could not be completed despite the expenditure of approximately 12 million lira, later remained idle. Now, another 28 million 223 thousand liras will be spent for the Köroğlu Park, which has been transferred to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and the Garden of Miletus will be built. The giant Köroğlu statue, which was seen from many parts of the city and placed in the park, was also the subject of discussion between the CHP Municipality and AKP administrators.

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