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2nd league: Hamburger SV outclassed by FC St. Pauli at home – Stuttgart wins

In the 2nd Bundesliga, things are going well again on Saturday. We accompany the events in the live ticker. Highlight: Hamburger SV against FC St. Pauli.

  • On Saturday, February 22nd, four games of the 2nd Bundesliga will take place at 1 p.m.
  • The candidates for promotion from Stuttgart and Hamburg are playing at the same time.
  • Things are going well in Hamburg – HSV must play in the derby against St. Pauli.

VfB Stuttgart – Jahn Regensburg

2: 0 (0: 0)

2: 0: Castro (60th minute)

Hamburger SV – FC St. Pauli

0: 2 (0: 2)

0: 2: Penney (29th minute)

Holstein Kiel – FC Heidenheim

0: 1 (0: 0)

0: 1: Theuerkauf (77th minute)

Dynamo Dresden – VfL Bochum

1: 2 (0: 0)

1: 2: Janelt (90th minute + 3)

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3:08 p.m .: VfB Stuttgart climbs to second place with their win against Regensburg. Heidenheim makes up three points on HSV with his win and can once again have a say in the fight for promotion.

Dynamo Dresden suffered a severe setback due to the goal in injury time.

Played: This has never happened before! St. Pauli has never won both derbies in one season in professional football. FC St. Pauli thus sets an exclamation mark in the relegation battle.

final whistle: The other games are now over.

Out! Out! Out! St. Pauli wins the derby. What a game. What a derby!

90th minute + 4: The last minute is in Hamburg. There is a total of five minutes of stoppage time.

90th minute + 3: goal for Bochum! How bitter is that for Dresden? In the very last action, Blum has a bright moment and goes steeply to the left over the left. His sharp flank finds Janelt’s head. This is his first Saion gate. Dresden Bochum 1: 2.

90th minute: Martin Harnik with a long shot! But Himmelmann parried with a nice flight parade. Can HSV score another goal?

83 minutes: The Hamburg goal does not count! What is going on today? Pohjanpalo had accidentally taken his arm to help with the cross pass. No matter how, that’s punishable. Right decision. It still stands 2-0 for St. Pauli-

82 minutes: Hinterseer hits! HSV is back! A corner, executed in front of the curve of St. Pauli, sails dangerously close to the goal parallel to the goal line. Pohjanpalo centers the ball. Hinterseer transformed. 1: 2.

81st minute: The HSV is desperately trying to get a connection hit. It has become calmer in the stadium.

79th minute: Besides Stuttgart, Heidenheim could benefit the most from the possible HSV defeat. With a win in Kiel, the Heidenheimers would only be three points behind the Hamburgers and the relegation place.

77.Minute: Now there is a clatter in the mud battle! Heidenheim leads 1-0, A cross pass starved in the mud in the five-meter space. And Theuerkauf switches the fastest and grabs the ball into the goal. When cheering you can see his dirty jersey. But he won’t care much.

72nd Minute: St. Pauli’s goal to 3: 0 is withdrawn! Miyachi was ruled offside by Benatelli. Is there anything left for HSV?

70th minute: Dresden equalizes! Nikoklaou heads a corner to 1: 1 in the housing. Hope lives.

67 minutes: St. Pauli meets again. 3: 0th The madness continues. After a corner, Heuer Fernandes cannot hold the ball. Beyer clears the ball from the line to the penalty spot. Benatelli is standing there and heads the ball to the bottom right corner. What’s going on here?

65th minute: Dresden still has only 18 points and is the bottom of the 2nd division. They are four points behind the relegation place.

64 minutes: TOR. Bochum leads 1-0 in Dresden, Ganvoula initiates the attack himself with a noble heel pass and is released again in the penalty area. He gives keeper Broll no chance from eleven meters.

61 minutes: Stuttgart seems to make optimal use of the blunder from Hamburg – as of now. But can the HSV come back again?

60th minute: 2-0 for Stuttgart! Wamangituka is sent to the left and puts the ball in the center. Gonzalo Castro ran there and poured the next goal for Regensburg.

58 minutes: TOR for Stuttgart. And this time it counts. Daniel Didavi lifts the ball beautifully over the wall. What a great goal for Stuttgart. With left in the corner. The Cannstatt curve cheers. 1: 0th

52nd minute. But no goal for Regensburg, The next stall was withdrawn. Grüttner’s action was considered a foul. Good luck for Stuttgart.

49 minutes: TOR for Regensburg, What a curious place in Stuttgart. After a cross, Grüttner and keeper Kobel climb up. The goalkeeper cannot hold the ball and puts the ball over the line. But Grünter tackled the goalkeeper in the air battle. Foul or not?

46th minute: In Dresden Dynamo fights in the home game against Bochum for not relegation. Passes over five meters are not even possible in Kiel. The space conditions leave something to be desired.

2nd league in live ticker: first half to forget at HSV

Half time: The second half will continue immediately. Can HSV make the mega comeback?

Half time: If you are only interested in the single ticker between VfB Stuttgart and Jahn Regensburg, then you can read it from the colleagues at echo24.de *,

Half time: It stayed quiet in all seats, only in Hamburg it was loud! After a weak start, St. Pauli leads 2-0 at HSV. The hosts’ supporters were briefly shocked. But there will still be a lot in the second half.

A goal was scored in Stuttgart, but was revoked after being checked. The biggest highlight in Kiel is the lawn. A big mud fight in Schleswig-Holstein. At Dynamo Dresden and VfL Bochum, the chances are also manageable.

2nd league in the live ticker: St. Pauli surprisingly leads 2-0 at HSV

34th minute: St. Pauli has currently secured the full attention of the 2nd division. What a surprise after half an hour. In the other stadiums it is still goalless.

29 minutes: St. Pauli meets again. Penney increases to 2-0 at HSV. Madness. Penney pulls left and hits the corner flat from a good 20 meters. What is going on here please? Upside down world in northern Germany.

22 minutes: For explanation. Stuttgart’s Karazor had knocked down on the corner of Besuschkow. After a thorough examination, Osmers decided not to let Mangala’s goal count.

21 minute: The Stuttgart Gate DOES NOT COUNT! The VAR intervened and before. Stuttgart – Regensburg still 0-0.

20th minute: GATE FOR PAULI! Veermann nibbles the entire defense and puts the ball over Heuer Fernandes in the box. Completely undeserved. But it doesn’t matter now. HSV – Pauli 0: 1.

19.Minute: GATE FOR STUTTGART! Mangala takes a Didavi corner volley and hits her to make it 1-0.

12th minute: No goal has been scored in any place yet. Hamburger SV, however, started quite rapidly and constricts Pauli in half. Regensburg missed a good chance after a free kick in Stuttgart. The course in Kiel is catastrophic, the place is suitable for mud battles.

Kick-off: The ball is rolling in the second division!

2nd league in the live ticker: minute’s silence in the stadiums

1.00 p.m .: The Hamburg block is on fire before kick-off.

12:59 p.m.: Shortly before kick-off, all teams commemorate the victims of Hanau with a minute’s silence.

12.56 p.m .: The teams in all places are now running in. You can find the lists in the entry from 12.13 p.m.

12.49 p.m .: Will there be riots in the stadium? Pyrotechnics are not uncommon with derbies.

12.41 p.m .: Interesting statistics: Jos Luhukay and Dieter Hecking meet 17 times. The first duel was over 20 years ago.

12.40 p.m .: The stadiums are filled. It is already bubbling, especially in Hamburg. Both fan camps are hot for the game.

2. League in the live ticker: The lineups are there

12.13 p.m.: The lineups are there!

HSV – St. Pauli:

The Hamburger SV plays with the following team: Heuer Fernandes – Beyer, Letschert, van Drongelen, Leibold – Jung, Schaub, Hunt – Jatta, Pohjanpalo, Kittel

St. Pauli starts as follows: Himmelmann – Penney, Östigard, Buballa, Ohlsson – Benatelli, Becker, Sobota, Miyaichi – Diamantakos, Veerman

VfB Stuttgart – Jahn Regensburg:

Stuttgart: Kobel – Phillips, Karazor, Stenzel – Massimo Mangala, Endo, Castro, Didavi, Wamangituka – Al Ghaddioui

Regensburg: Meyer – Saller, Nachreiner, Correia, Okofoji – Besuschkow, Geipl – Seydel, George – Albers, Grüttner

Holstein Kiel – Heidenheim:

Kiel: Gelios – Todorovic, Wahl, Thesker, van den Bergh – Ignjovski, Mühling, Özcan – Reese, Serra, Lee

Heidenheim: Müller – Busch, Mainka, Hüsing, Föhrenbach – Griesbeck, Mohr, Theuerkauf, Schnatterer – Kleindienst, Otto

Dresden – Bochum:

Dresden: Broll – Wahlqvist, Ballas, Nikolaou, Hamalainen – Klingenburg, Petrak, Horvath, Ebert, Terrazzino – Jeremejeff

Bochum: Riemann – Gamboa, Decarli, Leitsch, Danilo – Tesche, Losilla, Janelt – Zoller, Blum, Wintzheimer

11.45 a.m .: And here is the result service from the Friday games.

VfL Osnabrück – Erzgebirge Aue 0: 0

SV Wehen Wiesbaden – SpVgg Greuther Fuerth 1-1

All Statistics, tables and other information about the 2nd Bundesliga can be found on the bottom of tz*.

11.31 a.m .: The lineups of the teams will be announced in about half an hour.

11:27 a.m .: FC St. Pauli is of course also on the way to the stadium. They use the entire street, only a Flixbus blocks a few trailers. Impressive pictures.

10.30 a.m .: The highly anticipated derby between Hamburger SV and FC St. Pauli begins in just under two and a half hours. The police are definitely ready.

Hamburg – A derby is always something special. And the first leg between FC St. Pauli and Hamburger SV will not soon be forgotten by both fan camps. The favorite HSV lost to the Paulians at the Millerntor. Can the underdog strike again in the second leg? It would be a fine thing to put the arch enemy in the fight for ascent while collecting points against relegation.

2.Liga live: will HSV get the revenge against St. Pauli?

But Dieter Hecking will do everything he can with the former Bundesliga Dino to avoid the second bankruptcy within one season in the Hanseatic city and for HSV to remain in the promotion race. Because VfB Stuttgart meets Jahn Regensburg at the same time and is currently tied with HSV. Both Stuttgart and Hamburg are chasing championship leaders Arminia Bielefeld, who only have to compete against Hanover on Sunday.

2nd league: does VfB Stuttgart keep Heidenheim and Kiel at a distance?

The worst pursuers from HSV and Stuttgart are Holstein Kiel and Heidenheim, who play against each other. The winner could still imagine chances for the relegation place. In Saxony, meanwhile, it’s about survival. Dynamo Dresden welcomes VfL Bochum. The bottom of the table welcomes the relegation-threatened guest from North Rhine-Westphalia.

We tick the highlights of the games live and are very close to the action. All goal scorers and all relegations – with us you will not miss anything. Just as little as when FC Bayern Munich played against SC Paderborn.


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