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3 Countries in the world that do not take part between Russia and Ukraine

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JAKARTA Russia seems still reluctant to pull himself after the invasion of Ukraine since February 24th. The invasion of Ukraine entered its 71 days.

The various positions taken by the international community were divided into supporters on each side. Some support Russia, some support Ukraine.

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In this case, although a series of sanctions from countries continue to target Russia, Moscow can still survive. In fact, some of its latest policies may actually be a threat to sanctions. One of them is the policy of selling natural gas using the ruble money.

However, in addition to the supporters of Russia and Ukraine, there are also several countries that choose neutral alias impartiality. Which country? Here is the review.

1. Thailand
The White Elephant Land expressed its position on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In this regard, the government has maintained its position of neutrality.

Cited in Bangkok Post, this neutral position is meant to serve the ‘national interest’. Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana stressed that his country’s position remains neutral with ASEAN. In addition, he also said that the main priority at the moment is the evacuation of Thai citizens who were in Ukraine.

There were about 250 Thai citizens in Ukraine when the invasion began. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha reiterated that statement ahead of the US-ASEAN summit in Washington DC next week.

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