3 Favorite Locations for Jennifer Ipel and Adjunct Officers for Sex

VIVA – Couple Ajun Perwira and Jennifer Ipel is outspoken about bed life. Jennifer even openly told about their favorite location to make love. Jennofer Ipel and Adjunct Perwira discuss this in a video entitled, Unexpected Love Place Adjunct Prawira & Jennifer Ipel | BOBA.

There are at least three places that Jennifer disclosed as the best locations to have sex with Adjunct Officers, one of which is in the swimming pool.

“Swimming pool, (swimming) naked,” said Jennifer as quoted from channel Youtube Orami Entertainment.

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In addition, the park is also the location where the two have had sex. But not a public garden, but a garden in their villa adjacent to the room.

“In the garden, we have a villa and not a garden, so behind it is a swimming pool and a garden beside it that penetrates our room,” he explained.

Not only that, the bathroom and the rest of the rooms of the two upstairs are also their favorite locations for having sex.

“Bathrooms, not often but several times. My room does it everywhere, only when we move downstairs lazy up and down. We have a small room if the one on the floor is so spacious, we can just browse anywhere. Everyone, the jacuzzi hasn’t, “said Jennifer.

Even Jennifer admitted that the two of them had had sexual intercourse while on a car trip. Jennifer recognized this as an unusual thing.

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“Just in an ordinary car, just like that when the road stops, then it starts again. It’s really messy,” said Jennifer.

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