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3 thousand lira penalty for “boredom at home”

by drbyos

The incident occurred yesterday morning hours at Beşiktaş Bebek beach. Within the scope of anti-coronavirus measures, citizens were prohibited from marching along the coastlines, and it was decided to impose a penalty on those who do not hope for the ban for not obeying the Law on Hygiene and measures.

Dilek Turgut, who lives in Şişli, did not comply with the ban and started walking to Bebek beach yesterday morning. Meanwhile, Dilek Turgut’s comfortable attitude attracted attention to the press members who told the news, “How long will they keep us?” Beşiktaş District Police Department teams, which took action after the images spread on social media, determined the address of the young girl in Şişli, Mecidiyeköy. Then, the teams went to the address of the young girl and sent an administrative fine to Turgut for ‘failure to comply with the Hygiene Law and measures’.


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