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3 year old boy left in a hot van


A three-year-old boy who was left in a hot van after an excursion died in northwestern Harris County.

The Precinct 1 Police Bureau's office was found unanswered in the van around 7 pm, when his father arrived at the Discovering Me Academy in the 8000 block of Antoine to pick up his son

"The next thing I know, a few hours later, the dad and the owner came out and cried," said eyewitness Kenneth Brooks. "When EMS had it, it was all silly, you know, I knew that the kid was gone, it's a sad day."

Two people – the driver and a chaperone – were arrested for questioning.

Constable Alan Rosen says the child was part of a group of 28 children who participated in a school trip on Thursday. According to Rosen's office, records indicate that the boy was on a list of students established during a return to the daycare. An investigation is underway on this tragic oversight.

Deputy police officers said that it appeared that the child had been left in the vehicle for at least four hours. Indoor temperatures have reached at least 113 degrees, said Rosen.

When EMS workers arrived, they started working on the child. He was transported to the hospital, where the tot was declared dead later.
"It seems to me that it was just gross negligence," Rosen said. "It's just tragic."

Rosen said that death was completely avoidable, and promised to get "all the answers" for the family on how the tragedy occurred.

The victim was not named. I can not imagine being a father and losing a child like this, and so our prayers and thoughts are with this family, "said Rosen.

According to records, the daycare was cited for several offenses involving their vans in 2015. One violation included the lack of an electronic child safety alarm that serves to inform the driver that a child was left in the vehicle.

The day care also was cited for failing to report a wreck involving the van in a timely manner, and for a driver not knowing the number of children in his group.
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