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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan is entering his third year of leadership in the Capital City. Anies was inaugurated on October 16, 2017 along with his then deputy, Sandiaga Uno.

However, there are a number of notes during his three year journey from members of the DKI Jakarta DPRD.

Various things and programs were highlighted, especially regarding the house down payment (DP) 0 rupiah, OK Oce, to handle a number of problems.

DP Home 0

The Nasdem faction highlighted the housing program with down payments or down payment of Rp. 0.

A member of the Nasdem faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Ahmad Lukman Jupiter, said that development DP house Rp 0 have not reached residents who do not have homes.

According to Jupiter, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2017, it was recorded that 4 to 5 million residents of DKI do not have homes.

“In 2017, about 5 million did not have homes and until now there are still many,” said Jupiter when confirmed, Friday (16/10/2020).

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Therefore, he considered that the realization of the Rp 0 DP home program had not been successful.

In fact, the Rp 0 DP rusunami that was built in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, has not been fully filled amidst the large number of residents who need houses.

“What he has built and that in West Jakarta is still empty, what’s the matter. Then the Housing Service as the one who runs this program looks like he’s taking it easy, it’s been three years, I don’t feel it,” said Jupiter.

“So in my opinion the Rp 0 DP program has not been successful,” he continued.

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Not only the Nasdem faction, the PKB-PPP faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD assessed that the DP program of Rp 0 has not been implemented optimally.

“For example, the 0 percent house to date has not been maximized. Even before this pandemic there should have been something that could be done about the 0 percent DP,” said Head of the PKB-PPP DPRD DKI Fraction Hasbiallah Ilyas.

Other problems highlighted by PKB-PPP are related to flooding and waste management in the capital.

This faction highlighted Sunter’s Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF), which until now is still at a standstill.

“To this day the ITF has not been realized, even the ITF in Sunter is stalled. Those are three points that must be improved by the Governor, I think I can afford it in two years,” he said.

He hopes that in the remaining two years of Anies’ leadership, he can carry out at least 50 percent of his campaign promises and programs.

“We hope that his promises in the campaign will be realized at least 50 percent,” he said.

Surveillance to ASN

As the bearer party, the Gerindra Party faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD provided a number of notes for Anies.

Secretary of the Gerindra Faction DPRD DKI Purwanto said Anies needed to oversee his subordinates more in relation to the realities of work in the field.

According to him, there are several Dinas or SKPD that appear to have not been optimal in carrying out their duties.

“But in our view as a supportive party it could be a boomerang for Pak Anies if it is not corrected immediately. I do not need to mention which SPKD or which OPD, the important thing is that communication and his efforts to conduct cross-field checks, which directly relates to public services can be improved,” said Purwanto.

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The next note is regarding the overall performance of ASN. Purwanto assessed that the performance of ASNs needed special attention.

He reminded that the contribution of public services that directly touch the community, such as village heads, sub-district heads, and mayors must also be increased.

However, Purwanto is of the opinion that the program or campaign promise of Anies has been carried out quite well.

“In my opinion over all it’s okay. Politically, his political promises have started to be accommodated a lot and our assessment is also quite okay. But we are also not only judging from that point of view, as a supporting party there is increased public satisfaction from all people, “he said.

PSI scores 10 backwards

The Jakarta DPRD PSI faction is a faction that has a long record regarding Anies’ leadership.

During his leadership, Anies was considered to have brought at least ten things that were considered setbacks in the capital.

The setbacks are two things. First, a setback as assessed from the current condition compared to previous years.

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Second, the PSI faction compared what has been achieved with the potential of the DKI Provincial Government.

“It should be remembered that, compared to other provinces, DKI Jakarta has a very large budget and has received extraordinary support from the central government. Do not let the budget, manpower and time be wasted because of the wrong choice of priorities and mismanagement of the bureaucracy,” said the Chairman. Jakarta DPRD PSI faction Idris Ahmad, Friday (16/10/2020).

The ten setbacks according to PSI are as follows:

1. Budget discussions are late, even seeming to be delayed

Discussions on the 2021 APBD draft are more than 3 months late, leaving only 1.5 months to discuss tens of thousands of budget items.

PSI is worried, with the situation in the midst of a pandemic, it is feared that discussions will be rushed so that many budget items cannot be dissected, resulting in legal problems or public dissatisfaction in the future.

2. Budget transparency is considered poor, at the time of planning and realization

Since 2017, the DKI Provincial Government has opened a draft budget down to the level of detail on the price of budget components through the apbd.jakarta.go.id site since the RKPD phase, namely in June or July of the previous year.

On this site, the public can observe the next year’s budget plan, then be actively involved in providing suggestions and input during the budget discussion period.

“However, during Governor Anies’ time, the budget documents were only opened after the Governor and DPRD had finished discussing and agreed. This means that residents only know the budget after it has been discussed, so they do not have room to convey suggestions and input,” said Idris.

3. The fate of the fund commitment fee The Rp 560 billion formula E is still unclear

The next thing that was criticized by PSI in Anies’ administration was the unclear Formula E commitment fee due to the postponement of the electric car race.

It is known that the DKI Provincial Government has deposited a commitment fee of Rp 360 billion and Rp 200 billion to the Formula E committee.

“However, Governor Anies’ intention has not yet been seen to return the Rp 560 billion,” continued Idris.

In fact, according to him, the budget should have been withdrawn and diverted for handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting from the implementation of swab tests, providing isolation places, hospital services, to social assistance for residents.

4. Unclear budget priorities

Idris assessed that the budget priorities in DKI were not clear. He gave an example, in the 2020 APBD, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government prioritized the event budget which reached IDR 1.5 trillion (including Formula E IDR 1.2 trillion).

However, the budget for the construction of schools and sports centers was cut by Rp 455.4 billion and Rp 320.5 billion, respectively.

On the other hand, the budget is very minimal for normalization and coastal embankments to cope with flooding, construction of Light Rail Transit (LRT), and clean water infrastructure. In fact, recently the LRT and clean water development budget has been eliminated due to the APBD deficit.

In addition, in the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program, which uses a loan from the Ministry of Finance, there are no activities to normalize rivers, coastal embankments, LRT, and clean water.

Even though these activities are very much needed by the citizens of Jakarta.

5. Normalization of the river stagnates for 3 years

The river normalization program is planned for 33 kilometers (km). Until 2017, the river has been normalized along the 16 km. However, from 2018 to 2020 there were no river normalization activities.

“In 2020, 8.2 km of water channel land acquisition has been carried out. However, it is not clear whether in 2021 a river normalization budget has been allocated on the 8.2 km land,” he said.

6. Realization of river naturalization 0 percent

Normalization stagnates, and so does naturalization. PSI reminded the election campaign promise, Anies issued the idea of ​​river naturalization which is considered an ideal solution to solve the flood problem.

Anies explained that naturalization means replacing river walls from concrete into green areas to protect the ecosystem.

“On his Instagram account on September 26, 2020, Governor Anies exhibited the naturalized results of the river in the Sudirman-Karet segment of the West Flood Canal (KBB). However, this project is different from the concept presented by Governor Anies because the project at the KBB is in the form of concrete pavement for a place hang out and spot selfies, “said Idris.

For this reason, the PSI Faction stated that the progress of river naturalization is still 0 percent. PSI hopes that Anies will be honest in conveying information to the public.

7. The realization of the 0 Rupiah DP program was only 0.26 percent

When he first took office, Anies targeted to provide 300,000 houses for 5 years or 60,000 houses per year.

However, 3 years ago, only 780 houses were available or only 0.26 percent of the target. From this figure, only 278 are inhabited.

8. Development Light Rail Transit (LRT) phase 2 is still 0 percent

According to the Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD), the LRT construction is planned for around 110 kilometers, divided into 7 routes.

Apart from the RPJMD, this project is also listed in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) no. 55 of 2018 concerning the Jabodetabek transportation master plan for 2018-2029 and Presidential Decree no. 56 of 2018 concerning National Strategic Projects (PSN).

The construction of the 1st phase of the LRT, which began on 22 June 2016 until the beginning of 2019, has completed the 5.8-kilometer Kelapa Gading-Velodrome pioneering route and a depot building capable of accommodating trains for all LRT routes.

However, LRT phase 2 construction has not started. PSI questioned Governor Anies’ commitment to provide rail-based mass transportation in Jakarta.

9. Stagnation of drafting regional regulations on spatial planning, including those regulating reclaimed islands

The list of spatial regulations that should be discussed is the Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW), Detailed Spatial Planning (RDTR), the Zoning Plan for Coastal Areas and Small Islands (RZWP3K).

However, the DKI Provincial Government has not submitted the draft perda-perda. The result of the stagnation of discussion of these perda is to disrupt the development of Jakarta and will have an impact on licensing.

“One of the consequences of the stagnation in drafting this regional regulation is that in June 2019, Governor Anies issued a permit for more than 1,000 buildings on C and D Islands using only Governor Regulation (Pergub) No. 206 of 2016, even though the permit should have been strengthened by a spatial regulation. it has been discussed, “he said.

10. Aetra and Palyja contracts expire in 2023, but there is no preparation to take over clean water management

On April 10, 2017, a decision of the Supreme Court (MA) Number 31K / Pdt / 2017 was issued ordering the return of clean water management from the private sector (Aetra and Palyja) to the government (Pemprov DKI Jakarta).

One of the most important preparations is the inventory of assets controlled by the private sector which aims to prevent the loss of assets belonging to the DKI Provincial Government.

“Unfortunately, both the DKI Pemprov and PAM Jaya have not carried out an asset inventory, even though the time is getting closer. PSI urges Governor Anies to immediately carry out an inventory of clean water assets in Jakarta,” Idris concluded.


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