30 years of Undertaker! The Deadman in the “Today” Interview – Wrestling

The Undertaker goes to the well-deserved wrestling pension! Before he left the Survivor Series, we got to chat with the Deadman.

The 55-year-old celebrates his 30th anniversary and then retires from the big wrestling stage. “Today” was allowed to speak to Undertaker via Zoom-Call as one of only two German-speaking media outlets – there has never been such a video call in this form in the history of the Deadman.

Undertaker does not reveal how his “Final Farewell” will go: “Let yourself be surprised, but I can tell you one thing: It is always a pressure, regardless of whether you appear in a stadium in front of 72,000 fans or more, or in one empty hall. At the end of the day, the goal is for everyone to go home happy and well entertained. “

Is it still sad that the big farewell will “only” happen in front of the virtual fans in the Thunderdome? “Of course it would be nicer with a full stadium, but I’ve experienced so many great things with them that I always remember.”

When asked what he will miss the most, there is a clear answer: “I will miss the fans very, very much. The energy they give me. I will miss my music and the move very much.”

How’s the Undertaker going? “I haven’t made up my mind what I’ll do after Sunday. I’m still looking back at the great days as a wrestler. But I don’t think I’ll be part of WWE then. I’ve been in my character for so long inside, now there are more opportunities for me to meet fans. For example, I had a period of eight years in a row, where I was on tour for 260 days or more and always made sure that I only play the Undertaker. Now I can I design my social contacts very differently. “

Which match is the Undertaker particularly proud of? “I’ve done so many crazy things in my career – casket matches, Hell in a Cell, Inferno – we haven’t practiced that anywhere, I’m so glad I didn’t start to burn. Even a ladder match with Jeff Hardy I did. I didn’t know about the ladder match until we got to the arena, let’s say I wasn’t happy. But it took me out of the comfort zone. The performance itself can help you so much, it wasn’t always important whether you win or not. It pushed me and Jeff a lot. So I’m very proud of it – but also glad that I don’t have to do it again. “

In elementary school I got a tape from my cousin from the Royal Rumble 1993. Yokozuna puts the Deadman in the coffin, the Undertaker floats off to lofty heights – nobody could believe it, we were all Undertaker fans straight away. What is it like to be a multi-generation hero?“I always enjoy hearing stories from fans like that. While it was really happening, I was always in a ‘zone of performance’. How you influence people on a personal level is something you don’t even think about. how much wrestling shapes people’s lives. You just shouldn’t underestimate that. “

The younger generation is more likely to have that End of the Wrestlemania streak against Brock Lesnar busy: “Vince McMahon said that Brock needed this win, I had no problem losing to him either. It was a moment that will be remembered forever. If I could have decided it personally, I would have said, Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt deserved it. “

Behind the scenes, the Deadman is adored and respected as a locker room leader: “It all starts with trust. You have to set a work ethic, business has always been my top priority. Yes, of course, we were often partying, very much partying But that was never an excuse not to be 100 percent the next day. People pay money to see us. My colleagues really appreciated that I always found the right balance. That’s why so many are closed came to me to get advice and tips. I also helped a lot of people to get out of problems. “

What did the Undertaker miss in his career? “I’ve had great feuds against every great of my generation. I’m also very, very proud of the boneyard match, but I would have loved to have had a traditional wrestling match with AJ Styles in the ring. I love what he does, too bad that he didn’t come to WWE earlier. My last title run could have been longer, but I tore my biceps relatively quickly. “

What life lessons does Undertaker give his fans from Austria to take along?“You can’t take everything for granted and you have to live in the moment. Something really bad can always happen – even in the ring. Even on” Top of the World “everything can be over very quickly. Respect is also a very big issue no matter if big star, employee or toilet attendant, everyone has earned the greatest possible respect. “

In the night from Sunday to Monday (from 1:00 a.m.) the big rises WWE Survivor Series with the “Final Farewell” for the Undertaker. If you don’t want to miss this, you should LIVE via WWE Network to be there. In the course of a free trial month you can even see the Survivor Series for free!

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