300 HP and all-wheel drive: the new Grandland X plug-in hybrid version is presented


Opel becomes electric. The German automaker continues to implement this key element of the strategic plan PACE! Introducing the new version PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) of your SUV Grandland X with all-wheel drive. The top of the range of SUVs of Opel (which also includes the Crossland X and the Mokka X), the elegant Grandland X Hybrid4, with the option of the bonnet and roof finished in black, combines the power of a turbocharged petrol engine of 1.6 liters and two electric motors to offer a total power of the propulsion system of 300 HP. The combined fuel consumption WLTP is 2.2 l / 100 km with CO2 emissions of only 49 g / km.

The first plug-in hybrid model from Opel will contribute to the electrification of the entire product range of the German brand in 2024. It is also part of the automaker's strategy to meet future CO2 targets. Another step in this process, which also includes highly efficient internal combustion engines, will be the presentation of the fully electric version of the next generation Opel Corsa that will go on sale this year.

In line with Opel's positioning as an exciting and accessible German brand, the new Grandland X PHEV represents the latest in plug-in hybrid technology. The propulsion system of the Grandland X Hybrid4 includes: a four-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection and 1.6 liter turbocharged, with WLTP certification, which complies with the Euro 6d-TEMP standard, with 200 HP / 147 kW, specially adapted to the hybrid application; and an electric drive system with two electric motors of 109 hp / 80 kW, all-wheel drive and a lithium-ion battery of 13.2 kWh. The front electric motor is coupled to an electrified eight-speed automatic transmission. The second electric motor and the differential are integrated in the electric rear axle to provide traction on all wheels when necessary.

The combustion engine is used by the vehicle at medium and high speeds, while at lower speeds, the electric part of the propulsion system is used. The Opel Grandland X Hybrid4 can cover up to 50 kilometers in pure electric mode in the WLTP driving cycle (60 km according to NEDC). Studies have shown that in Germany, 80 percent of all daily trips cover a distance of less than 50 km, so these customers the Grandland X Hybrid4 could drive with zero emissions all the time.

The Grandland X Hybrid 4 will offer four driving modes: electric, hybrid, 4×4 and sports, which will allow drivers to adapt the characteristics of the car to their preferences or specific driving conditions. For example, the choice of hybrid mode allows the car to automatically select its most efficient propulsion mode, with the possibility of switching to electric mode to drive with zero emissions when arriving at the city center. When selecting the 4×4 mode, the electrified rear axle is activated for maximum traction on all types of roads.

In addition to demonstrating how Opel democratizes innovation with the most advanced propulsion systems, the Grandland X Hybrid4 shows how Opel always meets the needs of customers. For example, the plug to charge the battery with the 3.3 kW series charger (optionally, there will be a 6.6 kW version) is conveniently located on the opposite side of the vehicle to the fuel filler neck, while the battery is placed under the rear seats, to optimize the space inside and the trunk.

Because electricity is cheaper than gasoline, drivers can save money by recharging the battery regularly instead of putting fuel in the tank. Depending on the prices in each country and the distances traveled, this can significantly reduce the energy bill.

The charging time depends on the type of charger in use. In addition to the cable supplied with the vehicle for charging from a household power outlet, Opel will offer devices for quick charging at public stations and wall charging points for homes. For example, the battery is fully charged in approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes with a wall load point of 7.4 kW.

«Driving with only one pedal»
To further improve efficiency, the Grandland X Hybrid4 has a regenerative braking system to recover the energy produced during braking or deceleration. In a conventional braking system, the mechanical energy generated by friction in the brakes is lost as heat. By converting this excess kinetic energy into electrical energy, either by using it immediately or by storing it in the battery, the all-electric range of the Grandland X Hybrid4 can increase by up to 10% on average.

The driver can even switch to "regeneration demand" to obtain the maximum energy recovery. The drag torque of the electric motor is so high that it is not necessary to apply the brake pedal to reduce the speed until it stops completely in normal traffic. The Grandland X Hybrid4 is controlled only by the accelerator (Driving with a Pedal).

To further exploit the high-voltage electrical system (300 V), the Grandland X Hybrid4 is equipped with an electric air conditioning compressor and electric heating.

The new Grandland X Hybrid4 belongs to Opel's most advanced next generation of electrified vehicles. Although the Ampera-e is still on sale in selected markets, the German automaker will launch the new Corsa, the new Zafira Life MPV, the new Vivaro LCV and the successor of the Mokka X in the next 20 months, each and every one of them will have a 100% electric version of the battery. (tagsToTranslate) 300 (t) traction (t) total (t) presents (t) new


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