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35 thousand euros? What to do now – Libero Quotidiano

me new car and motorcycle incentives. Although the bonus booking platform will be active starting Wednesday, May 25th, all sales contracts entered into by May 16th onwards are already eligible for discounts. Among the cars that fall into the incentives and therefore allow you to save a few thousand euros have these hybrid.

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To access the € 2,000 bonus, a more polluting car must be abandoned and a hybrid car must be purchased, with a maximum spending limit of € 35,000. Virgilio Motori revealed several “trick” to make the most of hybrid cars and reduce consumption-related costs. First of all, it must be borne in mind that hybrid cars recharge their batteries with the brakes: by avoiding abrupt braking, the potential of the hybrid system is fully exploited. At the beginning you must then be gradual in pressing the accelerator pedal, doing it in a progressive manner, without caterpillars and picking up speed in a linear and controlled manner.

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As for the reduction of consumption, the advice is to reach the desired speed and “Sail”. What does it mean? Virgilio Motori explains it well: “Once you reach the speed you want, lift your foot on the accelerator and apply a little more pressure to keep the tip under half of the ‘Eco’ range. When you do that, you’re traveling at a constant speed using the electric motor, as if you were in ‘neutral’ on a car with manual transmission ”.



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