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37 killed in Nigerian attack World | Deshabhimani

At least 37 people have been killed in an attack in a rural Nigeria district. The clash took place in the Kaura Council area of ​​Kaduna state. It is an area of ​​constant conflict between the Hausa-Fulani tribes in the northern part of Kaduna and the Christian sect in the southern region. On Sunday evening, a group of gunmen attacked a church in the village of Madamai. The injured alleged that the attackers were of Fulani descent. State Security Commissioner Samuel Aruvan said those killed in the shooting were believers who had come to the church and that several people had been injured.

Two people were arrested. An attack in August killed five people and destroyed several homes. On the same day, 22 security personnel were killed in an attack on a military base in the northwestern Nigerian province of Sokoto.

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