Friday, 14 Dec 2018

& # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; Season 9 Trailer: Andrew Lincoln confirms his release

With a new showrunner and a leap of time, "The Walking Dead" is like a whole new show this season, the producers and stars tell the fans of Comic-Con.

The end is near for Rick Grimes. As expected, Andrew Lincoln confirmed Friday that the next season of "The Walking Dead" will be his last.

"I love this show, it means everything to me," he told the audience of "The Walking Dead" San Diego Comic-Con Panel. "I like the people who make this show.I particularly like the people watching this show.This has been the most amazing, amazing and beautiful experience of my career.I do not want to talk from an acceptance speech to an Oscar or an obituary, as we are deeply proud of the work we have accomplished this season. "

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Lincoln and the show's producers declined to say how Rick would leave the series, but Lincoln added that "my relationship with Mr. Grimes is far from over." It's a big part from me … I'm really excited about this season.There are two episodes that, for me, are my favorite episodes since the pilot.Nobody is bigger than the story and the This year's story is incredible. "

As for the sequel," I'm going to take a break, it's time for me to go home, "said Lincoln. "Saying that, I have an eye on the scripts, I do not know, it's so much of my life, it's been my thing, I've been breathing it for 10 years. the story that i can not mess this up for you.But it's a really great season for the story of Rick and Michonne.I can play with all my favorite characters this year.I am so in love with Rick Grimes and the people on this show that I still can not put it aside. "

Not yet on the board, however: The status of Lauren Cohan (Maggie), who will only appear in six episodes this season (because of his obligations on the ABC mid-season drama "Whiskey Cavalier.")

Meanwhile, as the comedy series, "The Walking Dead" jumps in season 9, and several to one western. With degraded gas and unusable roads, the characters must rely more on weapons and horses.

"The first eight seasons were a chapter, and Season 9 is a fresh start, a brand new show," says Scott Gimple. "You are going to see a different world from what it has been.We did two years of total war.That could not be more different."

Added Executive Producer David Alpert: "We have spent a lot of time to tear up the world, the loss of norms and civil institutions – I'm talking about the series – but as in real life there is hope and we start to see society come back. not a smooth process, but seeing this back is the most exciting thing for this season. "

Season 9 is also the premiere of executive producer Angela Kang as the new" Walking Dead "showrunner, and the panelists were effusive in their praise. "Angela was my favorite writer," said Norman Reedus. "It feels like a western this year, it's great!"

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As for the fate of Negan, now imprisoned, "it's a different year, a different side of Negan," Jeffrey Dean Morgan said. "Negan gets to interact with people on this scene with which he has never had to interact before.It's a lot of fun."

Kang adds, "Negan is Negan, and Negan sometimes wants to create problems, so let's play with some of these stories. "

The characters appearing in the comics this season include Earl the Blacksmith (played by John Finn) and Tammy Rose (Brett Butler). In addition, Robert Kirkman revealed that Samantha Morton will play Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers. The actress currently plays as a madam on Hulu's "Harlots".

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