February 14, 2020

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3rd suspect, 15, was arrested in a fatal shooting in Gwinnett

The third suspect was arrested on Friday evening when a Gwinnett County man died while sitting in his driveway.

Abraham Quintanar, 15, was the third suspect of the death of Marcus Gilead aged 28 years. Gilead was found in a vehicle outside his Wrenwood Courthouse and died at a hospital on Monday night.

There are two other suspects, Miguel Angel Gonzalez 20 years of age and Sebastian Resendiz-Garcia who is 17 years old, already in custody. The three accused are accused of targeting Gilead as an attempt at robbery, according to Gwinnett's police.

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Resendiz-Garcia was arrested Thursday, and sheriff county Walton County delegates with Gonzalez seized Friday morning at her home on Bunny Court.

Quintanar was aware that the police department was looking for him and that he was “avoiding arrest,” Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl said. Collin Flynn said. It was taken in custody just before 2 pm.

Flynn said that the detectives are working long hours to identify the people responsible for the death of Gilead. Having gathered evidence and spoken to witnesses, the detectives were likely to cause the capture of Resendiz-Garcia and Gonzalez, both from Loganville.

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Quintanar, also from Loganville, was identified as the third suspect as detectives continued to carry on with a result, he said.

“The directors believe that the victim was specifically targeted in this case,” said Flynn in a newsletter. “The victim was involved in drug activity and both defendants had previous history.” T

The three suspects are facing a charge of felony murder, heavy assault, criminal effort of robbery and possession of firearms while committing the crime. Quintanar is charged as an adult, according to the police.

The 15 year old was expected to be in Gwinnett prison, where Resendiz-Garcia and Gonzalez are running on Friday.

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