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4 Facts about Nur Afifah Balqis, 24-Year-Old Politician Affected by KPK OTT with North Penajam Paser Regent


Nur Afifah Balqis, DPC Treasurer of the North Paser Sharpening Democratic Party, was arrested along with North Paser Sharpening Regent Abdul Gafur Masud. PHOTOS/SOCIAL MEDIA

JAKARTA – Name Nur Afifah Balqis emerged after being dragged into the Corruption Eradication Commission’s (OTT KPK) arrest operation against North Penajam Paser Regent Abdul Gafur Mas’ud, Wednesday (12/2/2022). The Democrat Party politician is still very young, only 24 years old.

The KPK itself has named Nur Afifah Balqis as a suspect in the bribery case for the procurement of goods and services, as well as licensing in North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan, in 2021-2022. The general treasurer of the Balikpapan Democratic Party DPC is suspected of having received bribes from Abdul Gafur.

“It is suspected that AGM suspect, together with Suspect NAB, received and stored and managed the money they received from partners in a bank account belonging to Suspect NAB which was then used for the purposes of suspect AGM,” said KPK Deputy Chairman Alexander Marwata, January 13, 2022.

Nur Afifah Balqis was arrested with Abdul Gafur Ma’ud and his confidant, Nis Puhadi alias Ipuh (NP) at a mall in South Jakarta. During the arrest, the KPK helped to secure cash worth Rp. 1 billion in the suitcase. If detailed, Rp950 million is bribe money received by Abdul Gafur and the remaining Rp50 million is Nur Afifah Balqis’ personal money.

In addition, money stored in Nur Afifah’s bank account amounting to Rp. 447 million, allegedly belonging to Abdul Gafur, was also found from partners.

Then how about the figure of Nur Afifah Balqis? Here are the facts:

1. Biodata
Full Name: Nur Afifah Balqis
TTL: Balikpapan, 1997
Age: 24 Years (2021)
Position: DPC Democratic Balikpapan Treasurer General

2. Democratic Party Politicians
Nur Afifah Balqis is a young politician. He joined the Democratic Party and was elected as Treasurer of the Balikpapan Democratic Party DPC.

3. Close to Paser Sharpening Regent Abdul Gafur Mas’ud
Nur Afifah Balqis is enough with the number one person in North Penajam Paser Regency. This can be seen from his uploads on social media. He often takes pictures in front of the Regent Abdul Gafur’s car. During the KPK’s arrest operation, Nur Afifah was also with Abdul Gafur at a mall in Jakarta.

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4. Personal life
Like other young people, Nur Afifah Balqis also enjoys walking. From her Instagram uploads, Nur Afifah often travels both within and outside the country.


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