4 Quick Steps to Deal With Wounds

A. Firdaus –
15 September 2020 06:05 WIB

Jakarta: After confirming the contents Complete first aid kit, of course, what needs to be considered next is the first way of handling wounds. According to the Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Sudirman Said, don’t forget how to properly treat wounds.

“We cannot prevent injuries, but we can always be alert by ensuring that there are first aid kits with adequate contents at home. Apart from that, don’t forget how to properly treat wounds so that they heal quickly and don’t become infected, ”said Sudirman.

For that, dr. Adisaputra Ramadhinara, Certified Wound Specialist Physician provides steps or how to treat wounds. The following is as reported by Hansaplast_id:

1. Clean under running water

When it comes to treating a wound, the very first thing that needs to be done is to clean the wound with running water. The point is to clean all the dirt that had landed on the skin and of course the wound spots.

2. Spray an antiseptic spray

Usually people douse the wound with alcohol or red medicine. In fact, the owner of the wound will feel pain.

Since the best solution for treating wounds is using an antiseptic solution containing Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB). This fluid functions to clean and treat wounds, fight infection-causing bacteria, and is painless when used. Even in some cases, it can help reduce the pain in the wound.

3. Wound ointment

After spraying the antiseptic solution and making sure the wound is moist, apply the wound ointment. This ointment works to keep the wound moist, while avoiding wet and dry conditions.

4. The wound plaster

In order to prevent bacteria from entering and causing infection in the wound, you should tape the wound as soon as possible. Remember, use plaster instead of gauze which is then bandaged. Because the gauze will not cover the wound even though it has 65 layers.

The four methods above can be done if the wound is still minor. However, there are a number of things that you think you need to contact the medical practitioner if the conditions are as below:

1. If the wound is deep and causes a lot of bleeding
2. If the wound shows signs of infection such as pus and swelling
3. If there is a foreign object embedded in the case of animal or human bite or contact with animal blood.
4. If the wound is in the face area.



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