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4 reasons why vitamin D is essential

When asked not to waste their time sitting on the couch, every young person was probably annoyed by their parents. However, your objection was justified! Because unlike vampires, a lack of sunlight causes a wide range of health weaknesses to occur in humans.

1. Photophobia

Our body relies on natural UV light to maintain its vitamin D3 production. People who spend the majority of their lives in closed rooms and rarely show up outdoors are therefore often affected by an undersupply of the active ingredient. The fact that there are only very few foods with significant amounts of vitamin D is exacerbating the situation.

2. System inherent

Vitamin D is involved in the implementation of a wide variety of processes in our organism – leading in the area of ​​bone health. However, it also supports the immune system, muscles and our hair. A deficiency symptom can therefore be responsible for symptoms such as hair loss, an increased susceptibility to infections, muscle weakness, bone pain and deformities as well as migraines.

3. Soak up the sun

However, our body’s own vitamin D production can be brought back to life very easily. Depending on the skin type and the season, a regular, about ten to fifteen-minute stay in the sun is sufficient, during which the face, arms and hands are not covered by textiles or rubbed with sunscreen.

4. Nutritional supplement

However, if the vitamin D deficit is due to an illness such as celiac disease or renal insufficiency or to an increased need during pregnancy, taking vitamin D supplements can prove to be useful. However, this should only be done after consulting a doctor.


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